Truck Wrapping Services

It’s likely that hundreds of people a day see your company truck. But what if instead of seeing just a truck, they saw your brand? With a custom vinyl wrap, you can add an eye-catching design to the exterior of your vehicles to promote your company name, showcase your products, or provide your contact information to potential customers.

We wrap all types of Trucks around New York City Metro areas, Including New Jersey

Trucks can be more than just for deliveries. The exterior of your truck can become a mobile advertisement that captures eyes on the road and on the street. Large Box Trucks have the benefit of a large-scale space and motion, both of which naturally draw the eye. When the vehicle exterior features a custom wrap with bold graphics, it transforms from a delivery vehicle to a rolling billboard for a company.

Our team of 3M certified designers and installers has wrapped hundreds of trucks around New York City and New Jersey for small businesses like delivery companies, movers, contractors, and lot more. Our specialty is not limited to Truck wraps, we can wrap windows, doors, glasses, motorcycle, boat, almost anything which is flat or has slight curves.

Types of Wraps

What Are Truck Wraps?

Truck wraps are essentially "signs" that are wrapped around the exterior of a vehicle. They are made of a thin pvc film called vinyl. Some of the most popular brands of vinyl manufacturers include Avery Dennison, Oracal, and best of the best 3M Premium films. Most of these films are 2-3 mil in thickness. These large vinyl rolls are printed on large format machines. We understand the importance and look of graphics which represent your company. so we now offer three different finishes of vinyl films, Matte, Gloss and Luster. The printed graphics are mounted on flat surfaces by professional installers. These graphics can last years if they are maintained as advised by the manufacturer. Our premium wrap film is 2 mil in thickness, opaque film to produce medium to long-term graphics using selected HP Latex ink jet printers. Applications include interior or exterior vehicle graphics, Truck signs, Car emblems and decals. The film offers excellent hiding power and has pressure-activated, repositionable adhesive. These premium vinyl’s come with several features such as:
  • Large graphics up to 60”
  • Weather and UV resistant
  • Easily removable
  • Great for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Can be laminated
  • Washable
  • Cast Film with a durability of 7 Years
  • Matte and Gloss finishes available
  • Air release channels for fast, easy, bubble-free installations

Types of Wraps We Offer

In addition to full wraps we offer partial wrapping services. A partial wrap covers approximately 33% of the vehicle body with graphics or text. For example, large cut out images of your printed logo, Social icons, QR code and website address if any. We highly recommend partial wraps and the reason is quite simple. If the company name, address or product is changed or updated then it’s easy to replace that part only, or if you like add another service or product then it’s easy to add on. You don’t have that option when the truck is fully wrapped with vinyl.

Benefits of Commercial Wrapping Your Fleet

Transportation or Delivery companies can decorate their fleet with their own company information. Take advantage of every empty space of the truck to turn into a moving billboard. A removable wrap offers benefits that include:

Moving Billboard

Whether they travel regionally or nationally, trucks can put advertising in front of far more potential customers than a stationary sign. In addition, large graphics and movement make for an eye-catching combination no matter where the truck goes. It’s a great idea to have your trucks wrapped with stunning graphics.


From full to partial wraps, and with endless sizes, colors, and shapes available, a wrap can be printed for any truck.

Revitalize a Truck

A wrap can cover an existing design or graffiti on a box truck, easily showcasing a company’s brand instead.


Vinyl wraps are durable and can last up-to 7 years if maintained according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You do an option to add another layer of clear lamination for extended protection from sun and UV.

Protects Vehicle

Wraps are also a barrier for the truck itself, protecting it from minor scratches, rust, stains, and bubbling paint.


Vehicles that are branded with a specific name can appear more professional and build more trust with consumers and other companies upon your arrival.

Whether promoting a product or service or simply identifying a fleet, a truck wrap is a cost-effective option for branding any type of vehicle.
Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

Installation in NYC and NJ

We print all our graphics in the Brooklyn office. We offer truck wrap installation in New Jersey as well. Our wrap facility in New Jersey is located at 7 West Baltimore Avenue in Linden NJ. Our certified installers can come to your place or we can wrap it at our location.

Wrap Designers

We have a team of expert designers on staff who can assist in creating your graphics and transforming them into large billboards.

Print Technology

Over the years, we have taken care to invest in the most advanced printing machines, allowing us to print beautiful graphics that other printers cannot. Our equipment also makes for a more efficient and affordable process for both us and our customers.

Get in touch with us with all your questions

Brooklyn Signs has been designing and installing truck wraps in NYC for close to three decades. In that time, we have worked with major companies, home businesses, and municipalities and designed wraps for both single vehicles and entire fleets.
For those needing additional signage for your business, we also offer an inventory of over one hundred sign types and can be your partner in promotional signage. To start with a free consultation, please give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What type of fleet do you wrap?

We wrap different types of vehicles that include Trailers, Box Trucks, Vans, Buses and more. You can contact us too if you have any further query.

How long will the wrap last on my truck?

These wraps can last for years if you take good care of them. The expected life of these wraps is five to seven years but it can exceed the limit too.

Do you offer truck wraps removal services?

We absolutely do. We can not only install the wraps for you, we can also remove them for you. You can contact us for our services, whatever that you need.

How long does it take to get my vehicle wrapped?

Wrapping time depends on the size of your vehicle. The bigger the vehicle is the more time it will take but usually the wrapping of the vehicle takes 1 to 5 days or even more.

What are your wraps made of?

We use vinyl to make our vehicle. Vinyl is the best material for the wraps as they offer the fastest turnaround. It can be wrapped on the vehicle in very less time and they offer a large variety of finish options and color options.

Do you offer door lettering and wrapping?

We do, we offer door lettering as well as wrapping. You can get your truck wraps custom however you like and we will make sure to provide you with the best result.

How do I clean my truck with wraps?

You can rinse them with clean water. You need to avoid wiping the wrap with hot water because it can cause the material to shrink and can distort it.

Water wash can damage my truck wraps?

Water wash cannot damage the truck wraps but if you splash them with hot water it can distort the material and can also cause it to shrink.

Is it possible to remove bubbles and stretches on my truck wraps?

While installing the wrap you need to be very careful about the bubbles as they can be very tough to remove. But you can remove them by creating a VERY TINY whole in the wrap that can help take the air out. If you think you won’t be able to install it properly, you can acquire our installation services and our team of professional installers and easily install these for you.