Paper Poster Frames

Some signs need to be replaced often. Snap frames make that possible. They are an aluminum frame that comes in almost any size. Spring loaded, each one makes it simple to replace signs and displays any time you need to make the switch. With multiple sizes available to fit your property and plenty of customization options, Brooklyn Signs is the right choice for snap boards.

Your Local Snap Frames Manufacturer

Menus change. Posters change. Signs change. Rarely is there a specific display that is expected to stay permanently on your property, and sometimes, such as in the case of changing menu items, you need to be able to switch them as fast as possible to reduce the amount of labor you need from your staff. It’s why many companies use snap frames to make switching displays fast and easy.
Brooklyn Signs, as a full sign fabricator, is able to create snap frames in almost any size as well as the displays that fit into them. These frames come in different colors, sizes, and more, all designed using durable aluminum material. Learn more or order your snap frames today by calling us at (718) 252-7575.

Types of Snap Frames and Designs

What Are Snap Frames?

Signs are there to send a message. But the messages that your business wants to share may change often. Some signs, because of the way they're installed, their cost, or the potential for damage in handling are expected to stay in place after installation. But other signs need to be switched out frequently enough that they need to be house in a unit made for changing signage. Snap frames are the solution. As the name implies, snap frames make it possible to snap in or out a new sign or piece of art with relative ease. They are spring loaded, which makes taking a sign out very simple, and a new sign can be put back immediately with no other installation instructions. Common sizes include:
  • 2 x 3
  • 3 x 4
  • 4 x 4

Custom sizes are also often possible. We can customize frames to almost any size or length. If you have an unusual size, we recommend calling us first as there are some limitations with materials. We are a sign fabricator, so if it is possible we should be able to create it, and if not we can direct you to other ideas.

Once you have the frame, we can help you create your signs. For these types of frames, we often print on PVC and slide it inside. They also work as paper poster frames and canvas. The frames come in 2 different colors, silver and black, to meet the look of your property.

Benefits of Snap Frames

The primary benefit of a snap frame is to have an easy way to switch out displays without installing or taking down new signs. Snap frames look great on the wall, and come with multiple additional benefits, including:

  • Clean and Modern Look
  • Hinged Framing
  • Easy to Clean
  • Low Cost to Replace Signs, and More
  • May Be Safe Outdoors

These snap frames are commonly used as restaurant menu frames, paper poster sign frames (for movie theaters and plays), bodegas, meat markets, and more. They may also be ordered as personal photo frames for families that like to switch out photos often.
Snap frames have many benefits for those with frequently changing displays, all available with the quality you get from Brooklyn Signs.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs?

High-Quality Materials

We are able to fabricate snap frames using high quality materials in almost any size, making sure that you have a snap frame that is built to last.

Multiple Print Options

We can also provide the prints that go in the sign frames, using essentially any substrate that is 1/4″ or less.

Experienced Sign Company

Brooklyn Signs is licensed, bonded, and insured. We can provide design, installation, and more to meet your needs.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Snap Frames

Snap frames are a type of custom frame that is useful for many different industries, and versatile enough to be used in different ways depending on the type of display you put inside. At Brooklyn Signs, we create affordable snap frames with a fast turnaround time that are built to last for years. Learn more about our frames, or contact us at any time to get started on fabrication.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What are paper poster frames?

Paper poster frames also known as snap frames, have specially engineered and designed spring hinged edges that allow them to open on all four sides. Snap frames make it very easy to change these signs to a new sign or a piece of art. As these signs are spring loaded it makes it really easy to snap these signs out and put in a new sign without much help.

What size of posters do you print and frame?

There are different sizes of frames we offer that include 2x3, 3x4, 4x4 and many more.

Can I buy just the frame?

Yes, if you want you can just get the frame or the inside board separately.

Do you offer Paper Poster Frame installation services?

Yes, we do offer installation services, We have a team of professional installers that can easily install your signs for you.

What colors do these signs come in?

These signs usually come in different colors that include silver and black. But they can be customised in other colours if you want too.

What material do you use for frames?

Acrylic, PVC, Aluminum, metal and many other materials can be used to make these signs.

How can I take care of paper poster frames?

These signs can easily be taken care of. You can keep them clean by dusting them with non abrasive cloth.

Where can I use them?

These signs are the most widely used form of signs. As they come in different sizes, shapes and designs they can be easily used in homes, restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, stores, offices and many more.

Can you suggest if these are the right signs for my place?

Yes, we are a certified sign company and have been working in this field for a very long time so we have all the knowledge about what type of signs are required to be placed and where. Please contact us and provide us complete information, so that we can help you out with your query.