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Floor Stands

When it comes to displays at exhibitions, shows, events, and more, a floor stand is essential. Display floor stands can be found at trade shows, retail stores, restaurants, or anywhere a display is needed and floor space is available. Display stands are customizable and affordable. At Brooklyn Signs, we have hundreds of display stands available and can print customer signs for new and existing stands.

Custom Floor Display Stands for Restaurants and Grocery Stores in NYC

Floor stands can be found throughout NYC. They can be customized in an essentially unlimited number of ways and put information directly in front of the customer. Stores use graphics stands to show business hours, announce sales, and showcase products. Restaurants display menus and events organizers use them to provide directions. For small to midsize and temporary signs, display stands are the most popular option.

Floor stands play an important role in a number of different businesses and events. Brooklyn Signs is able to create a display signs that meets or exceeds your expectations. We offer signs for rigid sign stands and foam board stands, all customized to your space and needs. To discuss your ideas, or start your display stand project, give us a call today at (718) 252-7575.

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Different Types of Floor Stands

What Are Display Stands?

Display stands are freestanding signs placed inside of a frame. Display stands are available in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, and some sign stands are adjustable for extra customization. Whatever you are looking to display, there is likely a floor sign that will meet your needs. Common types of floor signs include:
poster floor stand
  • Frame Sign – Generally made of metal, these frames hold a larger poster or rigid sign. These double sided display stands can be viewed from either direction, so signs need to be printed on both sides. The frames themselves can be open or use plastic sheets to protect the sign, and the base makes signs free standing without taking up too much floor space.
  • Pedestal Sign – Ideal for displaying a flyer or notice, pedestal signs are free standing with a single pole supporting the frame. The frame is available in many shapes and sizes.
  • Menu and Product Displays – Larger display stands can be used to hold your restaurant’s menu or information about a product or service. As changes occur, the printed menu can be easily updated and replaced in the display.
  • Lighted Displays – For premium displays, stands can be wired with high intensity LEDs so that the poster or sign can be read in all lighting conditions. Lighted displays often use acrylic or glass in their framing.
  • Literature Holders – Many display stands feature literature holders to share brochures and flies alongside the signage.
  • Easels – Though requiring more floor space than other display signs, easels offer maximum adjustability and easy transport. Easels can hold both posters and rigid signs and be moved and stored when not in use.

Most sign stands are made with material that includes plastic, acrylic, steel, and aluminum, though other signs may also be available. We are also able to print the signs themselves on many different materials.

When designing graphics and signage to go in a display stand, it is important to keep in mind the stand dimensions, including the thickness of the frame. Certain stands work best with paper or cardstock, foam board, or rigid signs. As long as the planned sign will fit in the stand, any graphics can be printed and displayed.

Signage for display stands can be designed by the sign owner in the case of printed cardstock, or fabricated by Brooklyn Signs from one of our many signage options. These signs can be found outside of conference rooms, in hotels, at cafes, within malls, and in so many other locations, as they are a versatile type of sign that allows for many uses.

Benefits of Display Stands

Floor signs remain a smart choice across a variety of settings, and Brooklyn Signs is able to offer the highest quality floor signs available on the market today. Display stands are one of the most flexible signage options available today. No matter the purpose of the display, using a floor stand has many potential benefits for your business. These include:

Customizable and Convenient

With so many options, it’s easy to find a display stand that exactly meets your needs. Adjustable stands can help fit the sign in your space while lightweight signs can be easily transported.


Signs can also be changed out frequently, allowing the sign holder to continue to work for you with only the small cost of updates, even if the information you’re sharing changes.
cost effective


The variety of available display signs also means a variety of prices. More budget friendly options include acrylic and plastic, while aluminum and stainless steel signs offer cost-saving durability.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


Sign Partner

Once you’ve ordered with us, we will keep you information on file for efficient future service, making it easy to refresh your display stand whenever you need.

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In addition to printing, we offer design and installation services for our signs. We also have more than a hundred additional sign types in our inventory if other signage is needed to build your display.



Located in the heart of NYC, we are conveniently reached from Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, and Jersey City, with potential hand delivery available. For those elsewhere, we offer nationwide shipping services.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Display Stands

Brooklyn Signs has been manufacturing signs in New York City for over three decades. We know what makes a sign work better than anyone in the area. We pride ourselves on our professional customer service and are pleased to offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our signs.

Whether you need a new display stand, an updated sign, or any of our other custom sign options, we can work with you to develop a sign that is built to attract attention and help you with your business or brand. Contact Brooklyn Signs to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Floor stands are portable advertising signs that can be placed anywhere you want. These signs display information at the eye level, they can instantly grab attention. Most of the stores use these stands for advertisement purposes or as wayfinding signs or announce sales or business hours, etc.
There are many different types of floor signs that include Pedestal Sign, Frame signs, Easels, Lighted Displays, Menu, and Product Displays, Literature Holders, and many more.
Yes, the signs come with a stand that is very stable and can set up your sign on any smooth surface.
We are a custom signs company that offers custom signage options to our customers. You can contact us and tell us about the type of design that you want on your signs and we’ll make sure to give you the best results.
Our floor stands are mostly made of plastic, acrylic, steel, and aluminum and these materials are good for outdoor use if you take care of them.
The size of the floor stands totally depend on you. We can make them in any size or shape or design that you want. But the standard height that we offer is 5’, 6’, 7’ and 8’.
The life of these signs depends on how well you take care of them. They are made of highly durable materials and they can last for many years.
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