Exterior Signage

Any sign placed on the exterior of your property should be designed with the elements in mind. Rain, sun, moisture, and more – if you need an outdoor sign, it’s important to make sure that you choose the right materials and designs. Brooklyn Signs create outdoor signs that are build to last. Our full service fabrication means that any sign you need, our team can produce it.

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Indoor signs may drive sales. But outdoor signs are what get you noticed. Storefront signs, fence signs, exterior wall signs, and other custom signage are what capture attention from the street and help people find your store or learn more about your products and services.

With everything from three dimensional signs to large billboards to small, flat plaques, Brooklyn Signs is the storefront sign company that so many have turned to for fabrication, design, and installation. Explore our website to read more about our exterior signs, or fill out our online form to start your order.

Examples of Our Custom Outdoor Signs


caution work

Construction Signs

Channel letters

Channel Letter Signs



Outdoor Vestibules


Blade signs

Blade Signs

light box sign

Light Box Sign

COVID A-Frame Signs

Side Walk A Frame Signs

Hard Hat Area Signs

Hand Painted Signs

Carved Sign Image

Carved Signs

Metal Signs

Metal Signs

Most Popular Outdoor Signs We Fabricate

Brooklyn Signs is a comprehensive sign fabricator, capable of designing and creating signs of all sizes and for essentially any purpose. We can create everything from hanging signs to carved wood signs to even custom awnings, lighted signs, and 3 dimensional signs.

We have the ability to create any sign you need, with sign examples that include, but are not limited to:
  • Channel Letter Signs– These are custom fabricated lettering that matches your colors and fonts/typefaces. They are also lighted signs that can bright at night.

  • Awnings – NYC needs awnings to protect from sun and rain. We can create custom awnings that are installed to last, with both retractable and non-retractable versions available.

  • Vestibules– For storefronts that want to create a vestibule for customers, we have the ability to craft according to the size of your property and with custom design prints.

  • Blade Signs– Get noticed from the street with a 2 sided bladed sign from Brooklyn Signs that is cut to almost any shape. Great for restaurants, retail, and more.

  • Signs Cabinets– Used by movie theaters, malls, and all different types of stores, sign cabinets create a light box that makes signs visible to the street below.

  • Sidewalk Signs– Place a sidewalk sign outside of your property to better attract attention from pedestrians. Signs can be permanent or have space to change your messaging.

  • Hand Painted Signs– Hand painted signs add personality and character to any display. We can not only hand paint signs, but also use tools to protect them from the elements.

  • Carved Signs– Carved signs have a classic look popular with hotels, motels, antique stores, and so much more. We have state of the art technology for a perfectly carved sign every time.

  • Metal Signs– Metal is resistant to the elements, easy to clean, and easy to customize. It can be crafted for advertising, municipal use, and so much more. It’s also great as a building sign.

  • Construction Signs– There are many requirements for construction signs. We are familiar with these requirements to create both standard and custom signage to match your needs.

We’re also able to offer experimentation, helping you create signs that may not match what others have done in the past – such as unique lighted signs, custom cut and painted signs, and so much more. We can also create billboards and other large format printing, or window wraps and decals as small as a postage stamp. You let us know what you need and our team will create it.

Who We Are - Why Brooklyn Signs for Exterior Signage?

For over 30 years, Brooklyn Signs has been the leader in affordable, high quality custom signage. We're not just a sign printing company. We are a commercial sign company that can provide fabrication of signs, including plastic, backlit, 3D, and more. We can provide licensed sign hangers, sign maintenance, sign removal, sign installation - we can also help you with NYC sign permit services, as we have over 20 years of experience in the New York City region. We're a licensed and insured sign company that is ready to develop displays that get noticed. When you work with Brooklyn Signs, you're partnering with a company that provides:


It’s not just the signs we create that matter. As a commercial and storefront sign company, we can help you obtain sign permits, match your design to any legal requirements, and make sure that you’re always getting the sign that meets the goals and expectations you have.

Fast Turnaround prices

We can provide all of our signs with a fast turnaround. Many of our signs are available in a week or less with even additional rapid turnaround options available, and those designs that take longer are still crafted with efficiency to get the outdoor sign to you as fast as possible.

Licensed Installers

Our company itself is licensed and insured. Our installers are as well. When working with exterior signs, it’s important to be able to trust that the installation will be performed correctly, and with Brooklyn Signs, you can trust that every sign will be perfectly installed every time.

Brooklyn Signs is a leading signage company – providing you with a range of sign products with different materials. You can get exterior signs made of different materials such as acrylic, metal, aluminum, vinyl, and more – which are resistant to weather and many other conditions. We also provide you with a range of customization options – you can have different colors, designs, and sizes.

Next Steps - Order Your Outdoor Sign Today

Custom cut metal signs, chalkboard A-frame signs, bright and vibrant backlit letters – there are essentially no signs that our team cannot create for you. Brooklyn Signs has been operating in NYC for 30 years, creating tens of thousands of signs and displays all at affordable costs.

We are efficient, friendly, knowledgeable, and we take special care to make sure that every sign we create exceeds your expectations in quality. Learn more about our signage or get started by giving us a call at (718) 252-7575

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