Banner Stands

Retractable banner stands are a great way to capture attention at a trade show or marketing event. Their can be used to showcase a new product, illustrate a presentation, or even provide directions to attendees. Brooklyn Signs can produce affordable pop up stands in a variety of styles for your next event, including both retractable and non-retractable options.

Stand-Up Banner Printing Located in Brooklyn

Convenient and cost effective, retractable banner stands are a well known marketing tool at trade shows and events. Popular with marketing teams in particular, a rollup banner is an eye-catching way to announce a new product, provide company information, or add visuals during a presentation. They are also a great way to provide directions to event guests.

At Brooklyn Signs, we offer a variety of banner stands for your next event or presentation. Because we can fabricate these signs with many customization options, we can work with you to create a banner to showcase your brand or product. Come with a design or let one of our graphic designers bring your creative ideas to live. Call us today at (718) 252-7575 to get started.

Different Types of Banner Stands

What Are Banner Stands?

Banner stands are a type of free standing banner that is often placed in view of pedestrians. They can be one sided or two sided, retractable and non-retractable. Pop up banner stands use a metal or plastic frame to hold a vinyl banner. When not in use, the vinyl banner rolls up within the stand for easy transport and storage.

For banner signs, there are different options for the stand and the vinyl. The options for vinyl are:
  • Regular 13 oz Matte Vinyl Banner – Our basic option for banners, this heavyweight vinyl is waterproof and UV resistant so it can be used indoors and out. Vinyl banners can be printed for single sided and double sided pop up banners.
  • PVC Film Banner – Similar to X-RAY film, PVC is a lightweight and affordable banner option. The material is oil and water resistant, making it durable for both indoor and outdoor use. PVC film can be printed with both solvent and UV curable inks.
  • Bantex Anti Curl Vinyl Banner – This premium vinyl is guaranteed to resists curls for 5 or more years and is a better choice for long term use as it can keep the edges of rollup banners sharp and smooth. The material can be printed single- or double-sided and offers superb color clarity.

To create banners, graphics are printed directly onto the vinyl from an existing design and can be illustrations or photography. The vinyl itself is white to ensure the color clarity of printed graphics.

Our banner stands come in either black and silver. They have a height of 78” and are available in these widths:

  • 21.5″
  • 24″
  • 30″
  • 33.5″
  • 36″
  • 48″
Depending on the purpose of the sign, different banner stands are available. Single sided stands have vinyl printed on one side and can be used against a wall. Double sided stands allow the banner to be seen in either direction. When you let us know how the sign will be used, we can recommend the best stand for your needs.

Benefits of Banner Stands

When it comes to events and tradeshows, banner stands are one of the most popular options. Our banner stands are also affordable, and rush orders are available for those that have an event coming up soon. Banner stands are an important part of almost any professional event, and can be seen in places like malls and grocery stores as well. They are ideal for advertising, directional purposes, and providing information and offer the following benefits:

Professional Appearance

High-quality vinyl and superior printing means your graphics will be attractive. Our process creates clean, smooth edges on your banner for the optimum look.


Printed banners can be changed out in a few steps, making it possible to quickly update signs for different tradeshows or with new product information.


Banner stands are lightweight and retract to a manageable size for easy transport. Once at an event, your banner stand can be set up in a matter of minutes.

Good For Small Spaces

If available floor space is a concern, banner signs only require a few inches of space on either side of the sign. They fit well behind tables, against walls, and in other tight areas.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


From design to fabrication, our sign manufacturing process stays entirely in-house. We do not have to rely on third party vendors or send projects off-site, making it possible to save on costs and time. We pass these savings on to our customers by offering some of the best prices in the industry.

Fast Turn Around

We have developed an efficient production process to complete signs quickly, and we welcome rush orders with local and fast delivery available so you can be sure of receiving your order on time for your event.


Based in the heart of NYC, Brooklyn Signs has been creating signs for clients throughout the USA and Canada for over three decades. We have worked with GoDaddy, HP, Facebook, Microsoft, and many more companies.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Banner Stands

Brooklyn Signs is the number one choice for advertising, step and repeat banners and trade show banner stands, as well as custom made stands that are perfect for any retail business, mall, grocery store, or any industry with floor space and something to advertise. It’s also a great advertising tool in the space of others, for products you want to draw attention to. Our New York sign experts are excellent at turning your vision into a reality, and we’re confident that our retractable banner stands are right for you. Contact us today at (718) 252-7575to learn more about these stands and how they can help you with your branding and advertising needs.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What are banner stands?

Banner stands are the roll up banner stands that are basically used in events to advertise the products, provide directions, add visuals during a presentation and much more. They can be a great way to attract customers to your services or a new product.

What type of banner stands do you offer?

We offer many different types of banners stands that include retractable banner stands, pull up banner stands, X banners, fabric banner stands, expandable stands and many more.

Do you offer same day delivery?

We do take rush orders from our customers. We also do provide same-day delivery if the order is fairly simple. Please do contact us for further queries and check if we can help you with your needs.

What sizes do you offer for banner stands?

Banner stands come in different sizes. The sizes include 78”x 21.5″, 78”x 24″, 78”x 30″, 78”x 33.5″, 78”x 36″, 78”x 48″. But the sizes are customizable and you can get them in any size that you want other than these sizes.

What material do you use for banner stands?

The most common material that is used in banners is vinyl. Other materials that we use are mesh, fabric and many more.

Do you provide custom color printing options?

We are a custom company so we provide any type of customization that or customers want. That can be from styling to design, size or material. You think of the style and we will make it for you

What special cleaning and maintenance services do banner stands need?

The banners can be easily cleaned using a damp cloth. You can also use dishwashing soap and lukewarm water to clean them thoroughly and then dry them with a nonabrasive cloth.

How long does the banner stand last?

Banner stands are usually manufactured using the material that is meant to last for years. Most of the banners last a really long time without any particular damage. They can last from 5 to 7 years easily if they are stored well and are taken care of too

Do you offer double sided banner stands?

We not only offer single-sided banner stands but we also offer double-sided banner stands. These banners allow the people to view the banner not just from one side but from the other too.