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Emergencies happens. Egress maps, along with emergency exit signs, help make sure that in the event of an emergency, everyone in the building has a clear evacuation plan. With the ability to fabricate high quality egress maps, and other emergency exit and fire safety signs, Brooklyn Signs is the manufacturer of choice for your custom and standard signage.

Your Local FDNY Signs Maker Serving Brooklyn and Surrounding Areas

Every office needs fire evacuation plan signs and emergency exit signs. Most buildings also require high quality egress maps. Brooklyn Signs fabricates fire safety signage for all different types of properties: residential and commercial buildings, property management companies, rental properties, building super intendents, building maintenance companies, and more.

All of our egress signs are up to FDNY standards, and can be created with detailed imagery and in styles that match the décor of your business. Learn more about our egress maps – and other emergency signs – or contact us today for a free quote.

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Different Types of Egress Maps Signs

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What Are Egress Signs?

There are several fire safety signs that are required by federal law. The most common – and the one that often requires a special company to create – is the egress map, along with in-case-of fire signs, smoke signs, emergency exit signs, and “You Are Here” signs (which may be a part of the egress map). These signs may be crafted out of several materials:

Although these signs need to be clearly labeled and easy to read (to be consistent with local and federal law), customization is possible. Acrylic, metal, and plastic are easily customizable, so we can create these signs in essentially any Pantone color, size, or finish. This makes it possible for us to match the look of other signage, or create a map that is useful as a part of the building’s décor.

Creating these signs may require the input of an architect, to help make the building information as accurate as possible. You may be able to use the original floorplan of your building available from the DOB, or you may be able to contact an engineer to create a model of each floor.

Because we’re a full-service sign company, we can also create some of the additional FDNY fire evacuation signs and NYC fire safety signs that your building needs to protect those inside and also comply with local laws, like emergency exit signs and other directional signage.

Benefits of Egress Maps from Brooklyn Signs

Egress maps are important in any property. The way that we craft egress maps, from the materials that we use to the design itself, has several advantages that make us a smart choice for these types of signs. These include:
fire proof

Made with fire retardant material

easy clean

Easy to clean

3m tape

Mounted with 3M tape (no holes required)

order available

Rush orders available

Brooklyn Signs is also here to make the process to order these signs easier, with standard templates available, sign designers available for custom designs, and the knowledge needed to make sure that these signs comply with federal guidelines.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs for Egress Maps?


Licensed and Insured

When ordering any fire safety sign, it is important to know you are ordering a sign from a reputable company. We’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded, able to help with any sign design you’re hoping to crate.
full service

Full-Service Fabricator

Because we can create any type of sign, we can be your one stop source for any and all office signs, which means we can match designs, create complementary styles, and be your partner for all sign manufacturing.

Experienced in Safety Signage

As the local leader in HPD signs, DOB signs, and other office signs, we’re highly experienced in developing safety signs and know how to put together products that meet all local regulations.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Egress Maps and Fire Signs

Almost every property needs an egress map, along with other fire safety signs. Everywhere in NYC – Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Staten Island – even Jersey City and other nearby areas – there needs to be egress maps in order to keep that inside of the building safe.

Brooklyn Signs is ready to create these signs and more. Contact us today at (718) 252-7575 any time or fill out our online form to get started.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Egress map signs typically contain detailed building maps with information about emergency exits and other critical areas. These signs are federally mandated for placement in commercial and residential buildings, including rental properties, building superintendents’ offices, property management companies, and more.
While there’s no specific designated location, these signs should be prominently visible to people entering, exiting, or moving around the building. They need to be clearly visible, complying with the legal requirement.
Safety signs include Prohibition or Fire Signs (shutting down signs, emergency signs), Caution Signs (being careful signs, take precaution signs), Emergency Escape Signs (doors, exits, escape routes), and Mandatory Signs (specific behavior or action signs).
Safety signs have specific colors and shapes for readability from a distance. Shapes and colors vary: Prohibition signs are circular and red, Warning signs are triangular and yellow, Mandatory signs are circular and blue, Safe Condition signs are rectangular and green, Fire Equipment signs are red with symbols or text, and Supplementary Information signs have different shapes and colors.
Safety signs are usually standard for visibility and safety. Standard colors offered are black, blue, white, and red.
Fire safety signs required in buildings include EXIT signs for locating exits, high visibility fire extinguisher signs, fire action signs detailing fire measures, prohibition signs for inappropriate behavior, among others.
Fire safety signs must be recognizable and readable even from a distance. Text should be a maximum of 3 lines, and the signs themselves should be of a size that’s easily visible.
Standard sizes offered for these signs are 3” x 6”, 3” x 12”, 8.5” x 11”, 10” x 10”, and 10” x 11”.
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