Van Wraps

Brightly colored and nearly always in motion, a van wrap can draw the eye like no other form of advertising. By transforming your company vehicles with high-quality vinyl wraps, your van or SUV becomes an ambassador for your business wherever it goes. Brooklyn Signs in a NYC provider of high-quality van and vehicle wraps.

Your Local Commercial Sprinter Van Wraps Company in NYC

Your company vans are already in use, seen by current and potential customers daily. With a prominent graphic to represent your brand, your vehicles can serve a dual purpose by advertising your business. Custom van wraps are great options for delivery vans, contractors, company cars, and transportation vans, although vinyl wraps can be used to turn any vehicle into a moving billboard for your business.

Brooklyn Signs is a 3M van wrap installer and has created attractive vehicle wraps for customers in NYC, NJ, and beyond. Our design team can work with you to wrap your company van or your entire fleet. To get more information on our process, contact us today at (718) 252-7575.

Types of Van Wraps

What Are Van Wraps?

Van wraps are vinyl signs that are secured around your van or vehicle. Vehicle wraps are made by printing a design onto a vinyl film with an adhesive backing. The vinyl is then applied directly to the vehicle’s exterior. Full van wraps cover the entire vehicle, while partial wraps are custom cut around a design or logo. Full and partial wraps are available for any model vehicle including:
  • Construction Van Wraps
  • Contractor Van Wraps
  • Sprinter Van Wraps
  • Minivan Wraps
  • Smart Car Wraps
  • Car Wraps

For the vinyl film, we use 3M or Avery Dennison vinyl, both of which produce high-quality and long-lasting vinyl. Along with UV resistant latex inks, wraps are waterproof, easily cleanable, and will not be affected by changes in temperature. 3M van wraps can last for up to seven years before showing significant wear.

The vinyl is available in either 15oz or 18oz weights depending on the purpose and is white so that colors retain their saturation and clarity when printed. Text, illustrations, and photographic images can all be printed onto vinyl wraps. Customers work with our team of designers to convert their design ideas into a partial or complete wrap for their model van.

Vinyl lettering is also available for vans. This affordable and easy to apply option is great for business names, contact details, DOT number signs, or fleet vehicles. Lettering is available in a variety of colors and can be cut in any font or size.

Benefits of Van Wraps

Van and SUV wraps turn company vehicles into mobile billboards, increasing advertising profits without any additional effort. With affordable pricing, many business owners soon find that van wraps end up paying for themselves. If your business uses any vehicles, those are prime places to advertise your company’s products or services. The space is already there, and a wrap can take advantage of it by offering benefits like:


With state of the art technology like our CNC router and wide-format printers, van wraps can be made in any shape and size to bring every creative idea to life.


3M and Avery Dennison are the industry standard manufacturers of vinyl film for vehicle wraps and these wraps should maintain their appearance for years.

Professional Appearance

A wrap can make company vehicles look official, as well as provide contact details for the business.

Mobile Promotion

Because a van is frequently moving, the business name or promotional graphics are constantly getting new audiences while the movement draws attention.

Vehicle Protection

Wraps can also help protect your vehicle’s finish and paint by providing a protective barrier that prevents minor scratches, sun damage, and rust. When removing the wrap, the adhesive backing will not cause damage to the vehicle’s paint.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

Installation and Removal Services

We are a 3M certified installer so you can be sure your van wrap will look professionally done. With a 1 to 3 day turnaround time, we can have your vehicle ready to go with its new wrap quickly. We also offer wrap removal services if it’s time to update your van.

Experienced Designers

Our staff designers are experts in vinyl wraps and can work with you throughout the process to create a wrap that will fit your vehicle and showcase your brand. We know how to respond to design challenges and create vibrant graphics that represent your services.


We are conveniently located in Brooklyn, providing easy access to our onsite installation services to all of NYC as well as New Jersey. We are the leading van wrap installer in Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, Jersey City, and more.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Van Wraps

We know how important your vehicles are to your business, so we treat them with the same attention you would. When you trust Brooklyn Signs for your vinyl van wrap, we create a wrap that stands out, install it with care, and get your vehicle back on the road to start promoting your brand.
Helping our customers and their businesses succeed has been our philosophy for close to 30 years. To learn more about van wraps and how you can make your vehicle work for you, give us a call to set up a free onsite consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Can I install my vinyl bus wraps myself?

These wraps are not difficult to install. But if you want the wraps installed bubble free and with precision you can get our services as we have a great team of professional installers who are experts at what they do.

What type of vinyl do you use?

We use vinyl from the highly recognized companies of the US such as 3M and Avery Dennison. These vinyl are long lasting and are of very high quality. They have UV resistant latex ink, waterproof are easily cleanable and will not get affected by changes in temperature.

Will the wraps shrink in sunlight?

Our Wraps are made with high quality vinyl so They are temperature resistant and UV resistant too. So they won’t distort or shrink if placed in sunlight.

Are the bus wraps permanent? Can I change or remove it?

We offer both temporary and permanent wraps for your vehicles. They can be easily changed or removed too.

Is vinyl lettering also available for vans?

Yes, our vinyl lettering is also available for vans. They are very easy to apply and are very cost effective, are great for business names, DOT number signs, contact details and many more.

How long does the bus wraps last?

These wraps can last for many years depending on the environment that the vehicles are placed in. They can usually last from 3 years to even more if you take good care of them.

Do you offer school van wraps installation?

Yes, we do. You can get your wraps installed on any type of truck, van or trailer that you want and our professional installers can do that for you.
an not only install the wraps for you, we can also remove them for you. You can contact us for our services, whatever that you need.