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Magnetic Menu Boards

Magnetic menu boards allow you to easily move menu items around, or replace them altogether, without much hassle. Any type of restaurant, diner, or coffee shop can make use of these affordable, high-quality signs, and customize them for their own needs.

Restaurant Wall Menu Printing and Mounting

To keep the dining experience fresh, most places will change or update their menus on a regular basis. This helps build anticipation and excitement – especially when the seasons change, providing the opportunity to put your own unique spin on well-known favorites.

At Brooklyn Signs, we want to help you enhance your business. Our magnetic menu boards can help you do just that, helping you build a bond with your customers. Our signs affordable for almost any budget, and can be tailored to meet your sign goals. Contact us to get a free quote and start a customized order.

Cafe Magnetic Menu Board On Wall

Types of Menu Boards

Cafe Menu Inside On Wall

Our Custom Magnetic Menu Boards

At Brooklyn Signs, our Magnetic Menu Board Signs are a testament to our commitment to innovative and versatile signage solutions. These signs are crafted with precision, printed on magnetic sheets for effortless customization and updates. When installing these boards, we first prepare the surface by attaching a magnetic sheet with double-sided tape. This method ensures that our Magnetic Menu Boards can be securely mounted on a variety of flat surfaces, including sheetrock, metal, glass, and ceramic tile.

Our Magnetic Menu Board Signs are designed with a sleek profile, maintaining a maximum thickness of only 3/16 inches. However, it’s crucial to note that they do not support backlighting due to the opacity of the magnetic material. For clients seeking illuminated menu displays, we offer an array of alternatives, including light box signs and fabric signs. These options cater to different aesthetic and functional requirements, providing the enhanced visibility of lighting for restaurants and businesses.

Uses of Changeable Magnetic Menu Boards & Signs

Magnetic menu boards look classy and sophisticated. They are also easy to use. The information on the board is composed of magnets that solidly stick to the metal background. These “restaurant wall menus” are very popular in many food-oriented businesses. 

However, these display signs are not limited to food-based business. These can be used in any location where switching out a sign is often necessary. 

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Coffee Shops

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Food Courts

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Fast Food Chains

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Grocery Stores and Deli Shops

Benefits of Magnetic Menu Signs

Changeable menu boards have several advantages over other types of signs, which is why they are so popular with non-food service businesses as well. Changeable menu boards have several advantages over other types of signs, which is why they are so popular with non-food service businesses as well. 

easy update

Easy to Update

The magnetic design allows for quick and effortless changes. Businesses can easily swap out menu items, prices, or promotional messages, keeping content fresh and relevant.


Made from high-quality materials, magnetic menu boards are built to last and withstand the rigors of daily use, making them a durable choice for busy environments.
easy to install

Customizable Layouts

These boards offer the flexibility to rearrange and customize the layout to fit the changing needs of your business, ensuring a tailored presentation of information.
pro appearance

Professional Appearance

Magnetic menu boards provide a clean, organized, and professional look, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the space and contributing to a positive customer experience.
space efficiency

Space Efficiency

Their sleek design doesn’t take up much space, making them ideal for establishments with limited area but needing an effective display solution.
customer engagement

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Well-organized and clearly displayed information on magnetic boards facilitates easier decision-making for customers, improving their overall experience.

Why Order Menu Boards from Brooklyn Signs?


Licensed and Insured

Brooklyn Signs has crafted high end signage for affordable prices for decades, and is fully licensed and insured so you can feel confident when you choose our service.

high quality


We offer some of the most competitive prices in the industry, but we still never sacrifice on quality. We can offer those low costs by improving our efficiency and using our expertise to make signs faster and better for less.

full service


We have sign design services, sign installation services, and more. We also have hundreds of other signs types available. It helps to have a partner for developing your signs, and that’s what you find with Brooklyn Signs.

Get Started with Your Order Today!

There are several reasons to use magnetic menu signs, and not just in the food industry: any specialty ship can benefit from a sign that allows for easy changing of deals, specials, or customized messages. Let Brooklyn Signs be the company to make your sign ideas come to life.

We are located in Brooklyn, New York, but can ship our signs pretty much anywhere. Give us a call at (718) 252-7575 or fill out our form online for a free quote. 

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Magnetic sign boards are magnetic signs. These signs can be used for many purposes including decoration or promotions. These signs are composed of vinyl with magnetic backs, very flexible and lightweight makes them easy to be placed on any surface. They contain custom menus on them that are changeable.

These magnetic boards are used in many industries like theaters, coffee shops/diners, stadiums,
fast food chains, restaurants, bars, cafeterias, food courts, grocery stores and many more.

These signs are crucial for upcoming buildings as they serve multiple purposes. They provide safety signage like “Keep Out” and “Hard Hat Required,” offer protection and privacy for workers, and can also function as storefront banners.

These signs can be customised to any thickness you want. But, the standard thickness of these signs is 3/16″

These signs offer many benefits that include being capable of detailed graphics, no holes or drilling needed, easy to change and update, as thin as a coin, placed on any hard surface and many more.

Yes, we offer many customization options that also include design. You can get any type of design that you want. We also offer installation services for our customers.

You can get your board customized in whatever size, shape, or style you want. We can print any logo or image that you want on your board.

The most standard sizes for magnetic board signs are 12’x24’ and 12’x18’. But they can be easily customized to any size that you want.

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