Sidewalk Closed Signs

Most construction projects have pedestrian safety issues. Brooklyn Signs is able to create the sidewalk safety signs that keep these pedestrians safe and away from your site. Designed according to the specifications required by local city ordinances, Brooklyn Signs is able to craft the directional signs and construction signs your building needs to keep everyone safe. Start your order today.

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Construction sites have heavy machinery, toxic chemicals, dangerous materials, and contractors running in and out that need space to move. It’s why sidewalk closed signs, arrow signs, and other pedestrian directional signage is so important to make sure that each sidewalk remains clear, and pedestrians are able to direct themselves to the appropriate, safer area.

Turn to Brooklyn Signs to craft your sidewalk closed signs – and other construction signs – so that you can comply with all local ordinances and reduce liability for pedestrian injury. Serving all around NYC and parts of New Jersey, Brooklyn Signs is ready and able to help you with your sign fabrication needs. Order your signs today by calling (718) 252-7575. Rush orders are available.

Examples of Our Sidewalk Closed Signs

About Our Sidewalk Closed Signs

Within the field of construction, sidewalk signs are necessary to guide traffic and inform the public of safety or building information. These signs, which are often required by the city, have to have several characteristics in order to make sure they are effective for avoiding accidents and keeping pedestrians and workers safe. For example, these signs need to be:
  • Clear and Easily Visible
  • Fire Retardant
  • Weather Resistant

They are almost always made out of metal. Construction that may affect the sidewalk has to have these sidewalk closed signs or other MUTCD signs in a visible location guiding pedestrians to go left, go right, detour, or avoid the sidewalk altogether.

Sizes can vary considerably. We encourage you to contact us if you have sizing questions or issue. We traditionally make these signs on white metal, or using engineering grade reflective material.

Because we recognize that there are hefty fines if the signs are not properly in place, we do offer hand delivery to all 5 boroughs in NYC, with rush service available if needed. Used by contractors, architects, demolitions, scaffolding companies, builders, and property owners, these signs are important for many projects.

In addition to signs like our sidewalk closed signs and reflective signs with arrows, we also have several other construction and contractor signs required by the NYC DOB. Don’t forget to inquire about these signs along with rush orders.

Why Choose Our Construction Signs?

We recognize you have your choice in sign companies. We encourage you to consider Brooklyn Signs. We have the experience and capabilities needed to create the sidewalk signs and A-Frame Road Signs that your company needs, with features that include:

Weather Resistant Material

Easy to Clean

Rigid Material

UV Protected from Fading (Great for the Long Term)


Brooklyn Signs also combines these great signs with our outstanding customer service and support, which is industry leading and makes ordering signs from our team simple and easy.

Benefits of Ordering Sidewalk Closed Signs from Brooklyn Signs

Years of Experience

Because we have years of experience in local construction signs in NY and NJ, we are aware of all the requirements, which also makes it possible for a fast turnaround.


As a fill service fabricator, we are able to customize based on the needs of the project, from size to color to material, giving you the exact sign necessary for pedestrian safety.

Other Sign Options

Rarely are sidewalk closed signs the only signs you need. It helps to have a one stop source for all custom and standard signage. Brooklyn Signs fabricates it all.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Your Sidewalk Closed Signs

Every construction team needs to make sure they have the right signs for their projects. MUTCD signs, reflect signs (with or without arrows), sidewalk closed signs, detour signs – your project has different sign requirements, and Brooklyn Signs is ready to help you meet them.

We encourage you to contact us today to get your order started, or give us a call at any time with questions. Brooklyn Signs is the best choice for construction signs in NYC. Contact us today to learn more.

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