Truck Lettering

Lettering helps identify trucks and other vehicles when they’re on the road. Vinyl lettering can do everything from display your business name on your truck for invaluable mobile advertising to label commercial vehicles with their DOT number. Brooklyn Signs makes commercial vehicle lettering that is affordable, durable, and professional.

Vehicle Branding with DOT Numbers and Truck Door Decals in NYC

Your fleet vehicles are your company’s or organization’s ambassador when they are out on the road. They need to represent your brand, while also appearing professional and in compliance with DOT commercial vehicle regulations. Vinyl truck lettering offers an affordable way to add a company name, registration numbers, or contact information to your vehicles without harming the vehicle.

Brooklyn Signs has worked with individuals and businesses to create vinyl truck lettering for fleet vehicles, trailer cabs, and small businesses advertising. With the equipment and skills to create any text in durable vinyl, we can create the lettering to suit your needs. Give us a call today at (718) 252-7575 to get a quote.

Types of Truck Lettering

What is Truck Lettering?

Vinyl truck lettering is a long lasting way to identify or advertise on a vehicle. You can see our work throughout New York City and beyond, with lettering and wraps on all sides of trucks on the road.

Commercial vehicle lettering is custom cut from heavy-duty vinyl film created by Avery Dennison or 3M. The vinyl is backed with a paint safe adhesive so that letters can be easily installed and removed on vehicles. Available vinyl lettering options include:
  • Truck Lettering – Custom vinyl lettering can be created to show a company name, contact details, or other information and easily installed on the side or door of vehicles.
  • Truck Door Decals – Great for single-colored logos or graphics, a vinyl decal can be placed on the door to offer more customization or identify a fleet vehicle.
  • DOT Number Signs – Vinyl lettering is ideal for the number of signs required on commercial vehicles by the Department of Transportation.
Each letter or decal is cut directly from the vinyl and can be customized in many different ways. Some of the examples of customization include:
  • Color – We stock over 20 colors of factory-colored vinyl film, including gold and silver leaf for metallic lettering. We also have ways to create custom lettering prints in essentially any color.
  • Font – Vinyl lettering is machine cut by a CNC router that can make small, precise cuts so any custom font is possible.
  • Size – Letters can be made in any size, and customized to fit a specific vehicle’s dimensions.
  • Finish – Gloss and matte finishes are available for truck lettering.
Our team of expert designers can work with your specific vehicle or fleet to create lettering and determine which customization options will work best.

Benefits of Truck Lettering

Whether for promotion or vehicle identification, many businesses choose vinyl lettering for their commercial vehicles for its many benefits including:


With the ability to render almost any design in vinyl lettering, it is possible to create lettering that exactly meets your specifications and fits your vehicle.


Vinyl lettering is weather-resistant and will last for seven years without fading, cracking, or peeling.


Because vinyl is an inexpensive material and current technology makes fabrication process efficient, truck lettering is an affordable option.

Easy Installation

The adhesive backing makes for easy installation on truck doors and fleet vehicles, or we have installation services available. In order to protect the vehicle’s paint, some precautions are necessary when removing vinyl lettering.

Meets DOT Requirements

DOT number signs can be printed and affixed to the vehicle for compliance with DOT regulations.

Truck lettering can also make your vehicle look more professional upon arrival at your destination. For those looking to add more than letters to their vehicles, including graphics, vinyl truck wraps also offer a bold option for promotion and sharing information.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs


With design, printing, and installation services, we are with you throughout the entire process. Our team of designers can help choose fonts and colors, while our 3M certified installation technicians can cleanly apply or remove lettering to your vehicles.


Brooklyn Signs has been in the sign industry for close to 30 years and has made a name for itself with quality products and professional customer service. We know how to wrap essentially any vehicle cleanly and thoroughly.


Our sign fabrication offices are located in the heart of Brooklyn, providing convenient access to all five boroughs and NJ. We allow drop-off and on-site installation services depending on your location.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Truck Lettering

Whether you need your business name for your truck or your entire fleet’s DOT numbers printed, Brooklyn Signs can create vinyl lettering for your vehicles. Our work is fast, and printing and installation can be done in as few as 1 to 3 days. For fleet orders, we may even be able to work with you to provide a bulk discount. To discuss your needs and start your design, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What is truck lettering?

Truck lettering is applying vinyl on the truck in a specific design that can be the company's logo, contact information, numbers or any other graphics. These truck letterings are very long lasting. They can be easily used for advertisement purposes or to identify your vehicle.

Is the vinyl lettering removable?

Yes, these letterings are very easy to remove. You can soften them up using a little heat that won’t light your wraps on fire and then you can easily peel them off.

Do You offer custom fonts in lettering?

Yes we sure do. You can get your lettering in any font that you like. It can be arial, san serif, any other stylish font, you name it and we will design that for you.

How long does the truck lettering last?

These letterings are designed to last for many years, without any particular damage. The maximum life span that is expected is 3 to 5 years and even more.

What Material is used for truck lettering?

There are many different materials that are used for truck lettering. These are usually made of vinyl with adhesive backs that can easily stick to the vehicle.

Do you provide installation and removal services?

We do, not only we can easily install your wraps for you. Our team of professional installers can install these wraps for you bubble free and with precision. We can also remove these letters rigs for you as they need some technique and tools to be taken off.

What are the requirements for dot sign and which vehicle need to have a dot sign?

DOT certification is a seal of quality that shows that a driver has competence and skills to drive commercial vehicles. The vehicle that is over 10,000 pounds, is transporting 9-15 passengers for compensation, hauling hazardous material, and transporting 16+ passengers need to have dot signs. These requirements can vary from state to state and vehicle to vehicle.

Are the vinyl letters reusable?

These letterings are usually not reusable. Once they have been applied and removed from a surface they will stick to any other surface as they lose their adhesion after one time use.