Food Cart Wraps

It seems like food carts are everywhere nowadays. With so many options, it’s important to make yours stand out on a crowded street corner. A vinyl food cart wrap combines bright colors, artwork, and your brand’s personality to create a memorable look that will bring customers right to you.

Your Local Commercial Food Truck Wraps Manufacturers

If you own a food truck, you know that the truck is probably one of your biggest capital investments. That’s why your truck needs to work for you. With a custom food cart wrap, you can share your brand, highlight your menu, and draw in hungry customers whether you’re driving to the day’s location or parked across the street.

At Brooklyn Signs, we create both full and partial food cart wraps to make your truck stand out from the street. The vinyl wraps are high quality and long-lasting, and our team of graphic artists can create a design that captures your brand, as well as your future customers. To tell us about your truck, give us a call at (718) 252-7575.

Types of Food Cart Wraps

What Are Food Cart Wraps?

Food trucks and food carts are both vehicles and shops rolled into one. They are your storefront - a sign that wraps around your vehicle so that it tells everyone what you offer and advertises your business to others.

Custom food cart wraps are printed on high-grade 3M or Avery Dennison vinyl film and available in either 15oz or 18oz weights. The vinyl has an adhesive backing so it can be applied directly to the cart or truck without damaging the vehicle’s paint. 

Wraps are highly customizable, from full color food truck wraps to smaller partial wraps. Customization options include:
  • Size – Vinyl wraps are machine cut and the flexibility of the material means that any shape is possible. Wraps can be cut along a graphic’s edge or letters can be trimmed to any font.
  • Shape – Rigid foam board signs can be made in any size or shape and offers more durability than a paper poster, while remaining lightweight and cost efficient. Your CMYK design file is printed directly onto the board and finishing includes matte and gloss options.
  • Matte or Glossy Finish – Vinyl wraps can be finished with either matte or gloss. Matte does not show dirt and smudging and photographs well. A glossy finish is more eye-catching when viewed in person.
  • Graphics – Direct digital printing is used to transfer graphics to vinyl wraps so that colors and lines are replicated exactly from the original design. This means wraps can contain logos, text, and images without losing clarity. Because the vinyl is white, colors are not distorted when printed.
The vinyl and latex inks are weather resistant so the wrap will maintain its appearance for many years without fading, cracking, or peeling. Additionally, food truck wraps can be easily removed by a professional installer, so menu or contact information updates can be changed out when needed.

Benefits of Food Carts

Promoting a food cart has certain difficulties that brick and mortar restaurants don’t have to deal with. No matter where you go, your food truck needs to grab customers’ attention immediately, even on a crowded street. Promotional food truck wraps are ideal for this because they are:


When it comes to graphics, the possibilities are endless, as the graphics and designs can be vibrant colors and wrap around any type of vehicle.

Bold and Vibrant

Full color food truck wraps stand out, drawing people’s attention and intriguing them. They showcase a business’s brand and are a memorable way to share menus and contact information.


High-quality vinyl can last for seven years without fading, warping, or cracking. No matter where your food cart goes, its eye-catching design will continue to look professional.


Vinyl wraps give color to a food truck without the permanence of paint. If a design changes or updates are needed, a vinyl wrap can be easily removed and a new one installed by a professional.


Commercial vehicle wraps also act as a protective barrier for the vehicle, saving the truck’s paint and finish from minor scrapes, scratches, and rust.

With the right art, many people remember the look of a food cart as much as the food itself, as well as taking advantage of the key promotional real estate the truck provides.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

Design Services

We work with you from the initial design to the final install, making sure that your ideas will exceed your expectations when added to the truck. Our expert team can work with your logos, graphics, and vehicle specifications.

Licensed and Insured

As a 3M certified installer, we can install a food mobile wrap on carts and trucks alike. We treat your vehicle as your own, ensuring that it is taken care of and the wrap is professionally installed.

Quick Turnaround

Including the necessary time for the vinyl film to rest, food trucks wraps can be applied in as little as 1 to 3 days, so you can have your cart ready to go as soon as possible.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Food Cart Wraps

With decades of experience in vehicle wraps, Brooklyn Signs knows the importance of reflecting your brand and drawing in customers from signage alone. We also know that the right food truck wrap can set your truck apart. Whether you’ve started a new business or are simply looking to refresh an existing design, we can bring your brand to life. Contact us today to share your creative ideas.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Do you offer both full and partial food cart wraps?

Yes, we absolutely do. You can get your partial as well as full food cart wraps from us.

What are the benefits of wrapping a food truck?

There are many benefits of wrapping your food truck that include, branding your products and making a good impression on the customers, it is cost effective, a great alternative of paint, it protects your vehicle and many more.

What is the average lifespan of a food cart wrap?

Truck wraps are very durable so they can last years if taken care of properly. The average lifespan of these wraps is five years and more.

How do I take care of my food cart wraps?

You can easily take care of your wraps by washing it, cleaning it with dry cloth. Keeping it away from hot water as it causes the wrap to shrink and disrupt.

What are the sizes?

The size of the wraps can range from 14 feet to 13 feet. It depends on the size of your truck and how much you want to get covered whether it’s partial or full.

Can you wrap my business photos on my food cart?

Yes we can , you can get any graphics be it your logo or any other graphic easily printed on your wraps. If you have any further query about your design you can easily contact us and we would love to help you out.

Can the wrap cover scratches on my truck?

Yes, wraps are a great way to cover scratches on your truck or any other vehicle. But sometimes the scratch on the vehicle or corrosion can cause damage to the wrap so if that happens you need to get your wrap fixed.

Do you offer custom color food cart wraps?

We are a custom signage company so we can make any type of wrap in any design that you want. It can be of any color, size or dimensions.