Signs and New York City seem to naturally go together. Everywhere you look, there is a sign promoting a business, advertising an event, or simply giving directions. As the leading full service sign company in NYC, Brooklyn Signs knows the importance of creating a stand out product and making sure it looks great year after year. That’s why customers in the area rely on us for everything from custom fabrication to installation to repair, while also expecting quality service and competitive prices.

A Full Signs Service Company in Brooklyn Signs

Ordering a sign for your business or event can entail more than simply coming up with a design and getting it printed. Lighted outdoor signs often need approval. Finished signs need to be properly installed. Over the course of the sign’s lifespan, maintenance and repair might be necessary. Meanwhile, the design of the sign itself needs to be tailored to your specifications, a process that can involve extensive customization in order to best match your brand.

Brooklyn Signs aims to be a partner in all your signage needs. As a full service company, we offer sign fabrication, sign installation, sign repair, and more. Whether you are just getting started or already have a historic sign that just needs some care, we can help. Our previous projects and services include:

Types of Services Offered at Brooklyn Signs

Full Service Sign Fabrication for Any Sign

With state of the art technology and equipment, a highly skilled team, and a promise to deliver quality products and services, we can assist with your next sign project. Our services include:

  • Custom Sign Fabrication – With endless options available, we can turn any sign idea into reality. We have different materials, shapes, sizes, colors, lighting, and finishes available, as well as the equipment and skills necessary to customize them. Our signage inventory includes hundreds of different types and each sign is handcrafted for a truly unique look.
  • Decal Installation – As a certified 3M vinyl installer, we can install window and wall decals, as well as vehicle wraps. We use both the wet and dry methods for installing decals and achieve a long-lasting, professional look. We can work around your business hours to install decals without interrupting operations, and can apply vehicle wraps quickly to avoid taking your truck or fleet off the road for long.
  • Sign Repair – We offer maintenance and repair services for signs that are no longer functioning as expected. For lighted signs, this can include replacing bulbs and transistors, fixing wiring, and installing new vinyl faces. On all other signs, we can clean signs, touch up paint, and fix imperfections so your sign looks like new.
  • Sign Site Surveys – Before installing or maintaining outdoor building signs, a sign site survey examines the property and creates necessary renderings for the potential sign. This comprehensive survey can identify any problems and ensures the sign meets local zoning requirements. When it comes time to file the permit for the installation, our permit filing services can help.
  • CNC Cutting – Our industrial Computer Numerical Control (CNC) router can be used to cut and shape almost any material, including wood, metal, plastics, foam, and more. We use this router in many of our signs to create precise, custom cuts, although it is also available for etching, carving, and cutting both 2D and 3D models.


Even if we did not design the original sign, we are still able to install, maintain, and repair our competitors’ signs. Our designers, fabricators, and installers take pride in meeting every challenge and making even the most difficult projects possible.

Who We Are at Brooklyn Signs?

For over 30 years, Brooklyn Signs has provided signs and services in New York. We are able to travel throughout NYC to Brooklyn, The Bronx, Staten Island, Queens, Manhattan, and even locations in NJ for our services.

Brooklyn Signs works with individuals, large and small companies, event planners, and property managers. Our projects have included bulk orders of thousands of signs, installations of towering banners, and posters for a wedding or party. We welcome all customers, projects, and ideas and promise:

Competitive Rates

With our innovative equipment and completely in-house team, we are able to fabricate products and schedule services quickly and efficiently, resulting in some of the lowest prices in the industry, all without sacrificing quality.

Licensed and Insured Services

For installation, maintenance, and repairs, our team is licensed and insured so you can trust the work to be done safely and to the highest standard.

Flexible Schedule

We offer fast turnaround times and work around your schedule. Many signs are able to be fabricated with minimal lead time, and services can happen after hours to avoid disrupting your business operations.

Let’s Get Started - Contact Brooklyn Signs Today

Indoors or outdoors, lit or unlit, small or large, Brooklyn signs can do it all. We can create, install, repair, and, when needed, remove the signs your business needs to stand out in the NYC crowd. All of our products and services are backed by a written satisfaction guarantee, so you can be sure your signs will meet your expectations and continue to look great.

Brooklyn Signs can be your go to company for all your signage needs. Our mission has always been to help our customers succeed through well-designed and innovative signet. Even if you have a question about a new or existing sign, we can provide an answer. To discuss your ideas or schedule a service, call us at (718) 252-7575 or use the contact form and we’ll be in touch with you shortly.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What type of sign services do you offer?

Brooklyn Signs is not only a custom Signs company, we also offer multiple services for our customers as we know it is hectic work to buy signs from one place and then go out and find a professional who can install them for you and then get them repaired when needed or if they are needed to be maintained. We know that hassle that comes with buying signs so not only we make the signs for you, we have a team of professionals who can not only install the sign for you, will repair them when needed, and help you in maintaining your signs too.

Do you Offer sign rental services?

We sure do. If there are signs that you only require for only a specific time and they are signs that are used in special occasions like for parties, or if you want a selfie frame or event banners that do not need to be made specially for your occasion, you can get those signs by contacting easily.

What are your service areas?

We provide our services in a number of areas in America. You can easily call us to get our services. Some of the areas that we provide our services in include, Bronx. New York City, New Jersey, Liden, Newark NJ, Long Island, Staten Island and more.

Do you offer same day sign maintenance and repair services?

We absolutely do. Not only do we take rush orders we also provide same day delivery and with those services we also provide same day repair and maintenance service to our valued customers.

Do you offer graphics installation services?

Yes, we do. We have a team of professional installers that you can get by contacting us. They are the masters at what they do. Our team does not install all the signs for our customers. We can also install any type of graphic for you too whether it is a wall decal, window decal, or any other graphics.

Do you offer same day printing service?

Our team of efficient and certified installers can provide you services whenever you require. We also take rush orders from our customers so that they don’t have to miss out on an important event or have to postpone it just because they did not have specific signages for that. So feel free to contact us and get your signage made.