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Every hand painted sign is unique. Brooklyn Signs has both artists and skilled sign designers capable of creating signs that are beautifully hand painted, carefully crafted, and designed exactly according to your specifications. We use materials that will last for years, and can paint onto woods that are treated for decades of weather and use. Learn more about our hand painted engraved signs, today.

Your Local Custom Hand Painted Sign Makers Serving NYC and Surroundings

Brooklyn Signs is a full-service fabricator. Many of the signs we complete are created using state of the art machinery that is able to cut, print, and otherwise design everything from small, 2-dimensional decals to large, 3-dimensional electronic signs.

But there is nothing quite like hand-painted signs. Their classic look and unique appearance continue to make them a sign option of choice for many different businesses. If you’re looking to order a hand-painted sign yourself, give us a call today at (718) 252-7575 or fill out our order form on our website to start the process.

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Types of Hand Painted Signs

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What are Hand Painted Signs?

Hand painted signs are a traditional form of signage where skilled artists apply designs and lettering by hand. This method, known for its craftsmanship, offers a unique, personalized touch. Hand painted signs can range from vintage to modern styles, adaptable to various business needs.

At Brooklyn Signs, we specialize in custom hand painted signs, capturing your brand’s message with artistic precision. Our experienced artists ensure that each sign is a visually striking representation of your brand. Suitable for any business, our hand painted signs combine quality and traditional sign-making techniques.

Give Your Brand a Unique Edge with Hand Painted Signage

Hand painted signs bring a unique value to any business seeking to enhance its presence and connect more deeply with its audience. They embody a combination of artistry and authenticity that resonates in today’s digital age. These signs are not just about advertising; they are about creating an identity and a sense of place. 

Our hand painted signs are tailored to reflect your brand’s character, ensuring that your message is not just seen, but felt and remembered. Whether it’s drawing attention to a new promotion or simply making your business name stand out, these signs are a versatile and effective solution. 

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Beauty and Barber Shops

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Coffee Shops

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Thrift Stores

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Art Galleries

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Retail Stores

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Benefits of Hand Painted Custom Signs

As a hand painted sign company, there are very few limitations to the look of the signs that we can create, and that opens up the door for these signs to be visually impactful no matter their use. Here at Brooklyn Signs, we can also make sure our hand painted signs are visible from the street, integrate colors that match your brand, and more. Each one is custom made for you, so even with larger orders you can trust that they’ll have that hand painted touch that your sign deserves. Hand painted signs also naturally have many benefits, including:
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Each One Unique

When a sign is hand painted, no sign is exactly alike, and customers are known to appreciate that feeling of seeing something one of a kind.
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Weather Resistant

For outdoor hand painted signs, each one is treated to be resistant to weather and thus long lasting. We can also do indoor hand painted signs.

Classic Appearance

In an age where many signs are fabricated with machines, hand painted signs have a classic – sometimes rustic – look.

3 Dimensional

Hand painted signs can be created on flat surfaces, and still look amazing. But hand painted signs are especially popular, giving a 3 dimensional look that customers see and appreciate.

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs

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Artists and Technology

We have both talented artists and advanced sign carving and fabrication technology to ensure each sign’s perfection.

high quality

Licensed and Experienced

We are a licensed and insured company that also is familiar with obtaining sign permits, and offering sign installation as needed.

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Fast Development

We are one of the fastest sign production teams available, able to create attractive signs in minimal time. Rush orders also available.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today for Hand Painted Signs

There are so many different signs available today. Brooklyn Signs is able to create the ones that exceed your expectations. Trusted for over 30 years, our signs are carefully crafted, affordable, and guaranteed to meet your needs. 

Learn more about our custom signs by contacting us today or fill out our order form and let’s start the development process.

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Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

Hand-painted signs are traditional and unique, offering a personal touch that can’t be replicated. They’re effective and special as they represent your individuality.
Not necessarily. While they may take more effort due to the manual process, they can sometimes be cheaper than banners or vinyl signs.
Hand-painted signs come in various types such as Hand Painted Glass Signs, Hand Painted Marble Signs, Hand Painted Wood Signs, Hand Painted Metal Signs, and more.
Absolutely, our professional painters can reproduce any graphic, including logos or specific graphics as per your requirement.
There’s no standard size limit for hand-painted signs. They can be customized to any size you prefer.
Yes, we offer services to update old hand-painted signs. Get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs.
Yes, we offer various services, including painting logos and letters on windows. Reach out to us for more information.
Multiple industries use hand-painted signs, including Art Galleries, Retail Stores, Beauty & Barber Shops, Coffee Shops, Thrift Stores and Antique Stores, Theatres, and many more.
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