Building Signs

Building owners in NYC know the importance of installing property management signs in residential and commercial spaces. Displaying the required building signs keeps properties in compliance with HPD and DOB regulations and can inform visitors about building rules. At Brooklyn Signs, we make ordering your building signs affordable and hassle-free.

Building and Housing Informational Signs

Brooklyn Signs has provided HPD signs and building information signs to property owners in NYC for close to 30 years. With our knowledge of DOB sign requirements, we can work with you to create the required signs to protect you and your tenants and adhere to all legal requirements.

Our in-house team and state of the art technology means we can manufacture our signs efficiently and at low cost to our customers while still offering attractive, durable signage. For our building signs, we offer both sign templates for easy ordering and extensive customization options for those with specific needs. Give us a call today at (718) 252-7575 to get a free quote, or fill out our online order form to get started.

Different Types of Building Signs

Quality Building Signs for Residential and Commercial Properties

At Brooklyn Signs, we can create every building sign you need for your property, meeting HPD technical requirements and NYC building codes. With options to customize material, size, color, and graphics, we can work with you to manufacture durable, quality signs. Some of our standard property management signs include:

  • HPD Signs – The NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development requires registered properties to display certain signage to let visitors know building information, emergency procedures, and more. The HPD checks to make sure buildings are in compliance and missing signs can result in hefty fines. Brooklyn Signs provides packages of all the required HPD signs as well as individual HPD signs.
  • Fire Safety Signs – In the event of a fire, visitors will rely on signs to safely guide them to a building’s exits and locate fire extinguishers. Fire safety signs can also indicate the maximum occupancy of a space while smoke detector signs let visitors know a smoke detector is installed on the premises.
  • No Parking Signs – Whether for safety or convenience, “No Parking” signs and “tow away zone” signs let people know where parking is not allowed on your property.
  • Boiler Room Signs – If emergency crews need to access a building’s boiler room, the proper signage will let them know where it is, who has the keys, and the necessary contact information. Boiler room signs can be a requirement for HPD properties.
  • ADA Signs – Signage can indicate ADA accessible routes for visitors and are required in many commercial buildings to stay compliant with ADA regulations.
  • Directional Signs – Floor number and wayfinding signs can help building visitors find their way on your property no matter where they are.

Brooklyn Signs is a full-service sign manufacturer, which means these sign options are only a sample of the signs and designs we can produce. We are able to create hundreds of different types of signs to match whatever your building or business needs.

Yet we also know that there are some building signs that your property must have, and we have the ability to create those fast so that your property can stay compliant.

Who We Are - Brooklyn Signs


Brooklyn Signs has been fabricating signs in NYC for almost 30 years. In that time, we’ve created thousands of building signs. Not only do we understand regulatory requirements for signs in the city, we’ve spent years developing processes to ensure long-lasting, beautiful signs every time.

Fast Turnaround

When you need your signs quickly, you can trust Brooklyn Signs to come through. We can complete some building signs in as little as 1 to 3 days so you can have your property ready to go as soon as possible.



Our efficient manufacturing process doesn’t rely on third parties for design or fabrication. Because we work completely in-house, we are able to save time and costs so that we can offer our customers one of the best prices in the industry.

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Managing a commercial or rental property can be stressful enough without needing to worry about required signs. We want to make this process as easy as possible, working with you to determine what you need and providing you with signs that are affordable and high quality. We even offer installation services for added convenience.

In addition to legally mandated building signs, Brooklyn Signs offers so much more. If you want to advertise your business, capture a customer’s attention, or simply send a message, we invite you to check out our full product line. Our customization options are nearly endless and we’re happy to make recommendations for sign types that will work for you.

With top-notch customer service and stellar pricing, Brooklyn Signs is the best choice in Brooklyn and all of NYC for your sign needs. From building signs to custom projects, we can create the perfect signs for you. Give us a call at (718) 252-7575 or fill out our contact form to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What are the types of building signs?

There are different types of building signs. These signs include fire safety signs, HDP signs, No parking signs, floor number signs, boiler room signs, ADA signs, directional signs, and many more.

Why are Building Signs necessary?

Building owners need to install these signs in residential and commercial buildings. These signs are important as they show the compliance of properties with HDP and DOB regulations. They also help the visitors or residents to know about the building rules.

Where I need to place HPD signs and notices?

All the HPD signs are required to be placed on specific places. For example janitor name signs are to be placed at the side of the entrance so that people can contact them easily, smoke detector signs should be placed near the mailbox, boiler signs should be placed on the boiler room, floor number signs should be placed on every floor, etc.

Do you offer any bundle packages for building signs?

Yes we do, our company is well aware of the HPD and DOB policies and we do make these signs in some packages. Please contact us if you have any further query about the signs.

What materials do you use for building signs?

We use different materials in our building signs that include, metal, glass, plexiglass, plastic, acrylic, aluminum, brass, bronze and many more.

What are the best sizes of HPD Signs?

There are different sizes of these signs; it depends on you what size you want but the standard sizes that we offer are 3”x12'', 3”x6”, 8.5”x11”, and 10”x11”.

Can you provide the Custom designed building signs?

Yes, we are a custom signage company and we can make any type of design that you want. You can think and we’ll design that for you.