Window Wraps

With access to high quality vinyl, full color prints, and a team that can provide installation as needed, Brooklyn Signs is available to craft the highest quality custom wraps available today, all available fast when you need us most. Learn more about our window wraps and murals by calling us today, or fill out our online quote form to get a free quote and great service.

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For the average business, a bare window is a wasted space. Every business needs to have a personality as part of its brand, and it needs to make sure that it takes advantage of whatever limited space is available to market its business and attract customers. That means decorating your windows, and the best way to do that is with a window wrap.

Window wraps are thin sheets of 3M Vinyl that adhere to the inside of a window in order to display a graphic, words, or decorations that can be seen from the street, inside of the property or both. If you’d like to get started, or you’re interested in learning more about our window graphics, contact Brooklyn Signs today at (718) 252-7575.

Types of Window Wraps

How We Customize Your Window Wraps

Window wraps are vinyl aluminum coil generally sold in rolls of 50 feet by 2 feet. This aluminum coil is then cut to fit the sides of windows and trim areas.

Window wraps are partial or full coverage window covers that can display text, graphics, and more. The wraps can also be used to make glass appear decorative - for example, with prints that look like etching or frosted glass. Storefront window wraps have the advantage of being long lasting and temporary - you can remove and replace the wrap at any time without harming the glass, or keep the wrap up for several years with the proper maintenance.

For businesses that want to cover a window but still let customer see outside, there is one way vision window film available, made with mesh vinyl. All of these different customization options make it possible to use window wraps in NYC for a number of different ideas, including:

  • Privacy – Some companies cover the entirety of the window to give their customers privacy. Gyms, for example, often use these to advertise their gym in the front and protect their members inside.
  • Anticipation for a Future Venue – Window murals are also great as new store opening signs, under construction signs, new product announcements, store closing, and more. They can cover such a wide amount of space that anyone within the area will notice and remember the sign when they pass by.
  • Marketing/Advertising – Because this type of large format printing is visible from far away, it is an effective tool for branding a business, marketing a company, or advertising a product. Depending on the size of your window, some businesses are able to combine the size of the billboard with the visibility of a street sign, providing better long term branding than any other type of sign.
Window wraps come with either glossy or matte options. They can be cut to shapes (for example, a logo), or edge to edge. Because they start at such a large size, there are no size limitations. Many of the wraps we create are as small as decals or as large as the façade of a building.

How Are Window Wraps Made?

We use large format printers that integrate latex ink for a high resolution finish. We have Avery, Vinyl, 3M, and budget brands available in 13, 15, and 18 weights. Window wraps are traditionally printed on 3M vinyl. It is thin and removable.

The wraps can be designed in nearly any size (smaller wraps are often called decals but are made of roughly the same material) and, because vinyl is so useful for color printing, they can be a vibrant color that is noticeable even in dim lighting.

Window wraps can also take advantage of the space by complementing the light on the other side, helping some aspects of the wrap shine through. They can be perforated to let light in naturally, or near-transparent so that the wrap doesn’t block visibility inside or out.

Who Uses Window Wraps?

Storefront window wraps and window mesh are also useful as a directional tool, as they make it easier for people to find and remember your storefront. It’s why they are often seen on restaurants, fast food stores, movie shoots, retail stores, gyms, massage parlors, movie theaters, hair salons, schools, and many other types of stores and venues.

General contractors use them before a grand opening. Because they can be made small, they are also used inside on office partitions.

Benefits of a Window Wrap from Brooklyn Signs

These full window graphics and partial window graphics themselves have many benefits for the average storefront. We use only the best material available and work efficiently to keep costs low for you and your business. At Brooklyn Signs, some of the advantages of our window wraps include:

  • Easy to Remove
  • Easy to Clean
  • Full Color and Vibrant
  • Capable of Custom Cuts
  • Long Lasting

Why Order From Brooklyn Signs?

Competitive Cost

We use the latest technology and an efficient process to keep our costs low, so that we can offer you competitive prices for every sign we create. We are confident that once you try us you’ll continue to use us for all your sign needs.


From sign design to sign installation, we are able to provide you with what you need to complete your design every step of the way, and always delivered with our top tier service and support.

Experienced and Licensed

We have all the necessary licenses, insurance, and paperwork to prove our commitment to our customers. We are also experienced, with over 30 years creating signs across Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, and more.

Call Brooklyn Signs For Your Next Full Cover Wrap or Perforated Window Mesh

Brooklyn Signs, which serves NYC and parts of NJ and PA, has every sign you need for the storefront or interior of your building. From our one way vision window wraps to our full window graphics, Brooklyn Signs is ready to use these digitally printed, contour cut options to help you further develop your brand.

Window wraps are an outstanding way to decorate a commercial building. Brooklyn Signs is available to meet and exceed your needs. Learn more or start a free quote by contacting our experienced and professional team, today.

Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

What are window wraps? What are some of their common uses?

Window wraps are the vinyl wraps that are used to cover the full windows. These wraps are usually used to provide some privacy or can be used for advertisement purposes or decoration purposes too.

Can I reuse the window wraps on another surface of glass?

It is not advised to use these wraps from one surface to another as when they are peeled off from one surface they can lose their adhesion and it will be difficult to stick them to another surface.

What is the difference between window decals and window wraps?

Window decals are basically used to cover some part of the windows, they can be cut-to-shape and come in custom designs but widow wraps completely or partially just cover the windows.

Full window wraps VS Partial Window wraps? Which one is a better option?

Full window wraps completely cover the windows while partial window wraps cover only partial windows leaving some part of the window naked. Both are better in their own way. It depends on your requirement.

Do you offer custom color options for window wraps?

Yes we do offer custom colors for window wraps. You can choose from different colors that you want.

Does Weather affect Graphics material?

Yes, if these wraps are placed in direct contact with sunlight or are in contact with water it will make its color faint or may affect the graphics.

Will the wraps damage the window in any way?

If you are applying and removing your wraps in a professional way they won’t damage your window in any way.

Will you design my wraps or I need to provide the designs?

We can make any type of design you want or you can also provide the design of your choice too. We have a team of professional graphic designers who can easily make any type of design that you want.