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HPD Signs - Commercial Building Management Signs in NYC

HPD Building Signs Brooklyn
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Property ownership, whether it’s multifamily housing or commercial property, is one of the greatest investments an individual or corporation can make. But it is not without its requirements, and one of the most important additions to add to your property is building management signs.

There are many rules for signs in NY, with departments such as HPD (Housing Preservation and Development) requiring specific HPD signs in each and every building, in order to make sure those in the building have rapid access to information, as well as many other rules for ADA signs and other building management signs in NYC.

Building & HPD Signs in Brooklyn

Whether you’re looking for HPD signs specifically, or some other type of building management signs, Brooklyn Signs is here to help. We offer a wide range of building signs, complete with the specific information that is required in each and every building.

We can create all of the building management signs that you need for your property to be a safer place for employees, tenants, and customers, and also to make sure that it stays up to code.

We also have the ability to customize these signs in ways that still match the guidelines required by NYC law. Brooklyn Signs would be more than happy to help you design the perfect version of each sign for your property. We can also answer any questions you may have about these essential property management signs.

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Depending on the type of property you own, there may be a number of different signs you need. At Brooklyn Signs, we carry all those required by the HPD and NYC Department of Buildings. These include:

  • No Parking Signs – These simple signs help make it clear who is able to park at your property and who is not. They are an important sign for both building owners and businesses, clearly marketing the areas that are and are not available for parking.
  • No Trespassing Signs – Another important safety sign, the No Trespassing sign is a building management sign that is critical for ensuring that those that are not allowed on your property know that you are watching for them.
  • Boiler Room Signs – HPD requires that you post the name and location of each person with a key to the boiler room, which both needs to stay protected from unwanted visitors, and available in the event of an emergency.
  • OSHA Signs – There are many different types of mandatory OHSA signs used in building management. Set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, these signs are placed in many different areas of the building in order to keep workers and passerby safe.
  • Local Law #16 – Local law 16 signs are signs that indicate floor information to visitors, with a “You are here” and a direction to the stairs and elevator. They are used for fire safety and need to be made a very specific way to comply with NYC guidelines.
  • Lobby Signs – When someone enters your lobby, you want them to know immediately where to go and what to do. That’s what lobby signs provide – direction and guidance that helps those entering your property know where they are and where they need to go.
  • Egress Map Signs – The egress map is like a floor layout, and has similar needs to the Local Law 16 signs. They are also an important type of building management sign, and are mandatory in many different types of buildings.
  • Floor Signs – Finally, those that travel around your building need to clearly see what floor they’re on so that they know they left the elevator or stairs in the right place.

All of these signs come in either aluminum or acrylic, two materials that look nice and can hold their own against normal wear and tear and the type of weather we get here in Brooklyn.

We also recognize that you may have other reasons to post signs in, on, and around your building. If we don’t have the exact kind you need available, we can carry out a custom design to create any number of building management signs.

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Give us a call today at 718.252.7575 and find out why so many building owners in Brooklyn trust us with their signage needs. We also accommodate those who need quicker turnarounds. Finally, along with being the top Sign Maker in NY, we can even take care of sign installation if you need it.

Whether you’re ready to order or have questions regarding HPD signs, building management signs, or sign requirements in NYC, the team at Brooklyn Signs is here to help. Give us a call today to get started.