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No Smoking Signs for Commercial Buildings & Offices in NYC

No Smoking Signs to Print in NYC

In New York City, smoking is prohibited inside most commercial buildings. The same goes for residential properties rented out to tenants. The smoking ban – which actually extends to most of the state –affects outdoor areas too. For health and safety reasons, you can no longer smoke inside or near a building.

Of course, there are still those who will give into temptation. Other violators may be from out of town and not know any better. That is why it is important to have no smoking signs available and clearly marked, especially in areas that are prone to smokers or where smoking could be dangerous.

No Smoking Sign Requirements in NYC

Businesses and some types of residential properties are required to have No Smoking signs throughout your building that make it clear occupants are not allowed to smoke. Restaurant no smoking signs in NY are required as well, including for the outside areas where patrons may sit to enjoy their meals. No smoking signs may also be near doors, where smokers may congregate, and are sometimes necessary in areas where smoking could be dangerous.

Brooklyn Signs has many years of experience creating custom and standard no smoking signs for those that need them. We use materials that are designed to last, and we can help you determine what no smoking sign is best for your building management needs.

Large Selection of No Smoking Signs to Choose From

We have a large selection of no smoking signs for you to consider or we can create a custom version that still conforms to the law if you have special requirements. The conventional versions we have in stock include:

  • Traditional No Smoking Signs
  • No Smoking in the Building Signs
  • FDNY Signs
  • Designated Smoking Area Signs
  • No Smoking in the Construction Zone Signs

Any of the signs we offer – or any you'd like us to create – are made from acrylic or aluminum. These materials are affordable and strong, which is important for outdoor signs that will need to contend with NYC weather. As building management signs you're required by law to have, it's also important that they don't break easily because you'll be expected to replace them right away.

If you need us to install your signs for you, that is also a service we provide. We'll make sure it is clearly visible as municipal codes demand, and held in place so that no one can easily take it without your consent.

Call Us for Your No Smoking Signs

When you want a sign maker in NY that can answer all your questions, supply you with the signage you need, and install it, give us a call at 718.252.7575. Our team serves all of NYC, and most of NY and NJ. Located in Brooklyn, we always offer special rates for those who place bulk orders and can even speed up the entire process if you need your signs as soon as possible.