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Custom Fabricated Foam Board Signs for Business Meetings and Displays

Foam Board Signs Printing in Brooklyn, NY

Foam boards are an affordable and popular way to brand your business. At Brooklyn Signs, our foam board signs are designed for hassle-free use in a variety of situations, from elementary school class presentations to important business meetings. When handled and stored properly, foam board signs can be reused, and can be recycled once they are no longer useful rather than consigned to a landfill.

How to Use Foam Board Signs

Our foam board signs are made with a lightweight foam core. Each sign is laminated on both sides either with heavy paper or thin styrene plastic, depending on customer preference. Sign thickness ranges anywhere from 3/16” to 3”.

  • Presentations – Foam board signs are well-suited to visual aids such as statistical charts and graphs that can help you make your point at business meetings.
  • School Projects – From elementary school science projects to college presentations, foam core sign printing make it easy to neatly and attractively arrange information.
  • Life-Size Cut-outs – Decorative and promotional cut-outs can be created using foam board, which can be cleanly cut and shaped to represent virtually anyone or anything.

To avoid damage and fading, foam board signs should be handled with care and placed out of direct sunlight. Heat can cause boards to warp, while cooler temperatures will cause any heat-induced warping to vanish. However, it is advisable to store your foam board in cool locations.

Benefits of Foam Board Signs

Brooklyn Signs strives to create foam board signs that exceed our customer's expectations, and that are suited to a variety of business and personal needs. Our foam board signs have the benefit of being:

  • Environmentally Conscious – Our foam board signs are pH-neutral, acid-free and non-toxic, while the polystyrene panel and paper sheets used in their construction are 100% recyclable.
  • Highly Adhesive – Posters and photographs can easily be adhered to the pH-neutral, acid-free surfaces of our foam board signs.
  • Lightweight – The light materials used to create foam boards make installation, removal and storage a breeze.
  • Brightly Colored – Foam board signs are able to take on bright colors that capture the eye. For companies that want to make a presentation that pops with color, these signs are a great choice.
  • Non-Yellowing – Foam boards retain their newly-made appearance due to a UV-treatment that prevents yellowing. Even the best signs can struggle to avoid sun bleaching, but foam boards are durable and long lasting, with color that lasts.

However you plan to use your foam board sign, you can rest assured that our foam signs provide you with a variety of presentation, storage and disposal options. Call Brooklyn Signs today at (718) 252-7575 to create the foam board sign or signs that you need to make your presentation a success.