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Hand Crafted and Painted Wooden Signs in NYC

Hand Painted Signs

Hand painted signs ensure that you have something unique to your business. Hand-made signs with a Do-it-Yourself appearance are a growing trend within the sign industry, as they humanise companies that might otherwise seem faceless and difficult to relate to.

As the cultural focus shifts to individual-focused, pre-industrial conventions, business signs shift in turn to reflect customers’ changing tastes. In a sea of industrially manufactured neon and typefaces, your hand-crafted sign is guaranteed to stand out as vividly as the brightest neon lettering.

Portray Your NY Business with Hand Painted Swinging Signs

No matter what type of sign you choose to for your store front, it is guaranteed to say something about the business behind it. A hand-painted store front has many positive connotations that are all too infrequently encountered in the business world. Make your business a breath of fresh air to your customers by communicating certain values via your signage, such as:

  • Time and Effort – The idea that an individual invested time and effort into a detail that could easily have been relegated to a machine can have the effect of making your customers instantly sympathetic to your business, even causing them to identify with such a hard-working individual.
  • Pride in Your Work – The suggestion that you are proud enough of your own work to display it successfully in public gives your customers reason to believe that your business takes just as much pride in its other efforts.
  • Passion and Creativity – The admirable qualities of passion and creativity implied by a hand-made sign contrast effectively against the more common machine-made signage styles that lack personality in comparison.

Brooklyn Signs offers a wide variety of materials with which to construct your hand painted business sign. Whether you choose a hand painted wooden sign or a chalkboard sign to convey the above values, you will make it clear to your customers that you care about your business. Establishing a connection between your business and a living, breathing person is the first step towards showing your customers that you are not just another NY business, and that you have something unique to offer.

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