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Lighted Sign Box and Cabinets Maker in NYC

Light Box Signs

Brooklyn Signs’ illuminated light box signs are designed for around-the-clock visibility. Whether it’s broad daylight or the middle of a New York night, potential customers are guaranteed to take notice. When your business is equipped with a professionally designed and manufactured light box sign, you’ll be able to stand out in one of the brightest cities in the world – all with the flick of a switch.

How Outdoor Light Box Signs Benefit Your NY Business

Light box signs, sometimes known as illuminated sign cabinets, are great for your business – and not only because of their 24-hour visibility. These are some of the other benefits of our light box signs:

  • Gentle Glow – Brooklyn Signs’ illuminated light box signs give off a more gentle light than the brightness of neon signs, making them easy on the eyes and creating a pleasant ambiance around your storefront.
  • Light Provides Safety – A well-lit storefront during the night hours discourages illegal activity by creating a spotlight that potential vandals and thieves will prefer to avoid.
  • Endless Design Options – Light boxes can be virtually any shape or size, giving business owners the opportunity to get creative.
  • Cost Effective – In terms of night-lit signage, light boxes are comparatively simple to construct, making them a highly cost efficient choice for increasing your business’ visibility.
  • Lighting Effects Options – Whether you are looking to create a steady glow, a pulsing light or a sign that flashes at intervals, our restaurant light box signs can accommodate your needs.
  • Long Lasting (Up to 30,000 Hours) – The lights used in our outdoor light box signs are selected on the basis of their longevity, which helps to reduce the environmental impact of your sign.

Once you decide on a light box sign for your storefront, Brooklyn Signs gets to work designing and creating a sign that you can be proud of. Let your business get noticed in the bright lights of New York, and capture people’s attention with our custom light box signs.

We Help Our Customers Obtain Light Box Permits from NYC building department

In some areas of New York, permits are required before light box signs can be installed. If your business is situated in one of these areas, Brooklyn Signs can guide you through the process of obtaining a permit to advertise your business, as we have done for numerous businesses in the past.

Once you have acquired your light box sign permit, our team of installation experts quickly and efficiently installs your sign in the appropriate location, where it will proceed to glow like a beacon for potential customers for the next 30,000 hours. Call Brooklyn Signs at (718) 252-7575 to install a light box sign on your property, and be seen by twice the potential customers per day.