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Commercial Business Metal Sign Manufacturer in NYC

Metal Commercial Signs Brooklyn

Aluminum signs, also known as tin signs, flat commercial signs or metal signs in Brooklyn, are an excellent choice for businesses looking to announce their presence with sturdy, custom-designed, affordable signs. Brooklyn Signs offers a wide variety of sheet metal sign options, with stainless steel signs and aluminum signs being two of the most popular. While both are weatherproof, long-lasting materials, aluminum has the advantage of being less expensive to produce on whatever scale you desire—from smaller parking lot advertisements to full-size store front signs.

Advantages of Aluminum Metal Signs

Aluminum is used for many different types of signage. It is a versatile material that enables your sign to appear simple or elaborate, depending on its purpose. With the help of our experienced team of designers, an aluminum sign can be as well-suited to advertise an auto repair shop as it is to grace the front of a stylish, up-and-coming cafe. These signs have the advantages of being:

  • Affordable – Visually and functionally similar to our stainless steel signs, Brooklyn Signs’ aluminum signs cost less to create, enabling you to “dream big” while keeping your expenses to a minimum.
  • Modern – Metal signs are modern and slick, lending your business an edge without appearing overly flashy.
  • Indoor and Outdoor – Aluminum is as functional and eye-catching indoors as it is outdoors, providing you with signage that defies natural wear and tear.
  • Full Color – Brooklyn Signs’ full color aluminum signs give you the option of creating bright, colorful advertisements for your business that do not fade with time or require regular replacements.

Whether you are looking to create a simple, easily readable sign or an elaborate and artistic sign that commands attention, aluminum is a material that can be crafted to suit your needs. Conveying the intent and desired style of your advertising is important to us, and we are happy to work closely with you to ensure that the sign you get from us is exactly the sign that you want.

Common Uses for Metal Signs

Metal signs, and particularly weatherproof signs such as aluminum and stainless steel, can be used to advertise anywhere and for most anything, both inside and outdoors. Aluminum signs are frequently used in the following locations:

  • Store fronts
  • Residential buildings
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Attorney’s offices
  • Auto repair shops
  • Laundromats
  • Parking lots

When you work with Brooklyn Signs, you are guaranteed to receive well-crafted signage made from high-grade materials that both looks and lasts the way you want it to. Call today at (718) 252-7575 to start advertising via metal signs as soon and as affordable as possible.