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Metal Plaques, Indoor Awards and Brass Trophies Fabricator

Metal Custom Plaques

There is nothing like custom metal plaques that can attribute as honor and also linked with great professionalism. The metal wall plaques are not meant for ordinary purposes but generally associated with great things to happen. Perhaps it is the plaques that give a strong impression of a certain event or for memorable dedications.

Our Custom Metal Plaque Options

Wall plaques can be seen all over the outlets, offices, hotels and more. This is the very renowned way in NYC for acknowledging anything special in its own terms. You may see an honored place that may be marked with wall metal plaque.

Companies tend to use these metal plaques to honor their customers or organization put these plaques in order to showcase tribute to a person for their relevant services.

The personalized metal plaques are not only rendered for commercial purpose but also used for tributing someone‘s extra ordinary service in a community or commemorating a special thing for a special cause. No matter what the memorable event it is plaques give true recognition to it.

At Brooklyn, we know that metal plaques must hold distinctive identity and how specifically designed to meet your expectations. We make it sure that your custom metal plaque built with the highest possible standards. We can craft plaques nearly in any size and type you want. Here we‘re enlisting some of our popular types

  • Etched Plaques
  • Brass Plaques
  • Engraved Plaques
  • Aluminum Plaques
  • Stainless Steel
  • Bronze Plaques and More

Memorial Plaques and Monument Custom Plaques

It’s a great place for memorable plaque when a building, event place or other entity is marked with the memory to a significant individual. The monument custom plaques are a unique way to Show gratitude to the great personalities who have devoted their lives. The outdoor metal memorial plaques can be found in many styles whether in smaller version or a huge one that covers the whole wall. The custom memorial plaques mostly created in two metals

  • Brass memorial plaque
  • Bronze memorial plaque

As being the largest maker of metal engraved plaque signs in NYC, we can create it in any style with special effects to the plaque as to enhance its appearance and feel, giving a true impression of quality.

Our Custom Creation Options

We have latest tech tools, that allow us to make any unique metal plaque design nearly in any size with metal texture with a distinctive shape to address your needs whether you want it for office or want to honor someone ‘s devoted work. We have laser engraving system through this we can produce plaque with different thickness to fabricate any image or message on the custom plaque. Our personalized cast metal plaques are much optimized for branding your products, creating identifying stamen or making dedications to great people!

Why Choose Brooklyn Signs?

Brooklyn Signs full-service company that has many solutions to present your business at its best. Our wall plaques in NYC is made of the finest quality that guaranteed to last for decades, which is why we ‘re not limited to NYC but offering our services in New Jersey and other distant boroughs too. Call us today at (718) 453-8300 to get a free estimate and learn more about our metal plaque signs.