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Snap Poster Frames for Restaurant Walls & Retail Stores in NYC

Snap Poster and Wall Mounted Banner Frames

Mounting and displaying your art, photos, and advertisements become a snap with wall mounted snap poster and banner frames from Brooklyn Signs. Wall poster frames are both versatile and easy to use, and with Brooklyn Signs, you can easily have a number of different poster frames that are perfect for advertising your products or services.

Brooklyn Signs Will Choose the Best Snap Frame for You

Snap frames are most often used by organizations that have different things to advertise but want to display those advertisements in similar sized frames. Depending on the purpose for which you intend to use your frame, one of the following snap frame styles may be better suited to your needs than the others.

  • Tamper-Proof Frames – These frames can only be opened with a 32mm Allen key. This gives you added control over the content of the frame and protection if you’re housing something in public overnight.
  • Snap Frames – Simple snap frames are easy enough to open and shut that you can mount pictures in them yourself. However, unlike hinged door frames, snap frames must be taken down off of the wall in order to mount new pictures in them, making them slightly less convenient for frames whose content often needs to be changed.
  • Hinged Door Frames – Hinged door frames make mounting your picture a simple process of opening the “door”-style frame, sliding your picture inside and re-closing it. If you expect to change the content of the frame frequently, this may be the ideal frame format for your needs.

Frames can be created in standard dimensions including 30×20”, 40×30”, and 60×40”, but can also be customized to suit the specific poster, photograph or artwork.

How to Use Snap Frames?

Snap frames are frequently used by customers looking for a quick and easy but still professional-looking solution to their mounting needs. These frames are often used as:

  • Restaurant Menu Boards – Snap frames can create a simple but attention-catching border around your menu board that draws the eye and can be easily changed out for tomorrow’s menu.
  • Movie and Theater Posters – Any time you need to grab attention to something that changes frequently, these poster frames can be highly advantageous. They also work as event announcement holders, especially in hotels with large meeting areas.
  • Advertising Spaces – If you own a commercial property in New York and want space to sell advertising, wall space picture frames are an excellent choice.

Contact Brooklyn Signs today at (718) 252-7575 to showcase your picture, poster, banner, print or photo in an easy-to-use and cost-effective manner. We’re happy to explain to you what our wall snap frames are used for and how they represent great New York advertising tools.