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Brooklyn signs have been a leading signage company for decades. We are here to solve your signage problems. Brooklyn signs are the right platform to solve your advertising challenges and communication problems through signs and graphics.

Our team helps you to get the signs of any type from the smallest yard signs, lollipop signs to the biggest banner signs – you can every type of sign at Brooklyn signs, in any custom shape, size, and color. We have provided signs to some of the leading organizations of NYC and Brooklyn. We provide you the best sign installation and printing services.

standard fonts

Standard Fonts

We offer you a wide range of fonts – from stylish to modern. It depends upon your choice and requirements on what kind of font you want for your letters. It depends that whether you are going to place these fonts outdoors or indoors. The size, color, and design you can choose by yourself – otherwise we can also help you get the right font styles.

letters visibility

Letters Visibility Chart

In the letters visibility chart, we will tell you how the visibility of a font can affect your presence. You can select which size of font you want. We will explain from which distance which size of the font can be seen clearly. It depends on how much of an audience you want to target.

vinyl color

Avery Vinyl Color Chart

For vinyl, we offer you a range of vinyl colors. You can select from our chart the required color for your vinyl material. We can provide you vinyl banners and vinyl decals. Choose the right color for your vinyl material signs because colors can play a great role in your signs recognition and attraction.

3m color

3M Vinyl Color Chart

Discover the vibrant spectrum of colors available in our 3M Vinyl Color Chart. Tailored to offer an extensive range of hues, this chart helps you select the perfect vinyl color for your signs.

neon color

Neon Color Chart

Illuminate your ideas with our Neon Color Chart, showcasing a dazzling array of colors for your neon signs. From classic neon hues to contemporary tones, this chart is your guide to creating eye-catching and iconic neon signage.

metal color

Metal Color Chart

Explore the elegant and professional palette of our Metal Color Chart, designed to help you choose the ideal color for your metal signs. This chart features a range of colors and finishes, from brushed aluminum to polished bronze, ensuring a match for any branding or architectural requirement.

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