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Floor Number Signs for Building, Apartments & Room Identification in NYC

Building Floor Number Signs

Whether it's a residential or commercial property, if your building has multiple floors, you need to make sure each is marked with a sign. This makes it much easier for people to get around your property, particularly if they're new to the building, and in some cases this represents a safety issue that floor number signs addresses.

Floor number signs are found in stairwells, outside of elevators, and all around various offices, and if you need custom or standard floor number signs created – complete with ADA required information – you should call Brooklyn Signs today.

Different Options for Your Floor Number Signs

As a sign maker in NYC that has serviced customers all over Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island, we've created hundreds of floor number signs, used in building management and great for making sure that those around your property know where to go.

While many clients contact us for our standard floor number options, each of our signs is also fully customizable if needed. Building floor signs may be straightforward, but that doesn't mean they have to be boring; we can design floor number signs that match the style of your building, or the way that you've created your décor.

Of course, if you'd prefer something basic, that's not a problem either. We can use the style of some of the signs we've made in the past that have been proven to withstand the tests of time.

You can choose to have:

  • The NumberBy Itself
  • The Number Spelled Out (e.g. "Sixth Floor")
  • Either Option with Braille (for ADA Compliance)

Any of those building management signs for Brooklyn buildings can be customized in terms of shape, design, and the colors used. Our design team is happy to make recommendations as well.

Choose from Acrylic or Metal

We offer apartment building floor identification signs in two types of material: metal or acrylic. Both are popular for building signs in NY because they can hold up to years of wear and tear, and meet some of the required standards for floor signage in the industry.

Metal and acrylic look amazing too, so you won't mind showing off your sign on the 1st floor right in your lobby. Whether it's a lobby in the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, or Staten Island, our designers will make sure the finished product does your property justice.

Contact Us for Floor Signs & Other Building Management Signs

If you want a sign company in NYC that can help you label each floor in your Brooklyn building, give us a call at 718.252.7575. Order in bulk and we'll even give you a discount or let us know if you have a deadline coming up and need your signs made as soon as possible.

At Brooklyn Signs, we design, create, and install building management signs that are durable, stylish, and code-compliant. It's how we've become the sign maker NY building owners depend on. If you're ready to order your floor signs, contact Brooklyn Signs today.