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Canvas Printing in Brooklyn

Bring 2-D illustrations and photographs into the third dimension with the dynamic image presentation afforded by canvas printing. This unexpected and eye-catching style of print-making avoids distracting borders and picture frames and instead places the viewer’s entire focus on the crisp, cleanly transferred, high-definition content of the canvas.

Professional-Quality Art Presentation Via Canvas Printing

If you are looking to present your artwork or photography via a quality print medium that does your work justice, Brooklyn Sign’s canvas printing option may be the ideal presentation option for you.

Transferring your detailed digital images to canvas and reproducing them as clearly and faithfully as possible is a process that our sign artisans handle with the utmost respect. The images we reproduce on canvas are guaranteed to be free of the flaws and imperfections that can be expected when the canvas print image transfer process is handled by non-professionals, and to accurately reflect the artistry of your chosen image.

Brooklyn Signs’ canvas prints, also known as fabric picture frames, can be washed, steamed, or pleated without any damage to the printed image.

How to Use Canvas Prints

This style of image mounting is a wonderful means by which to decorate, showcase and preserve your chosen images. Canvas printing offers the following options and respective advantages for presenting your images:

  • Decoration – Canvas prints can be used to alter the feel of a given space with well-chosen images that complement your color scheme and/or business motif. Whether you are hoping to add an artistic flair to your living area or to make a plain office space more visually appealing, canvas prints fit the bill.
  • Showcasing – Showcasing artwork and photography via canvas printing is an increasingly popular choice among artists who wish to deviate from the traditional practice of framing prints in a creative and dynamic manner.
  • Preservation – Producing canvas prints of any image ensures that the image is preserved in a durable and professional-quality form, rather than as a physical photograph or digital file that can be ripped, torn or even accidentally deleted.

Canvas printing makes 3-D art objects out of 2-D images that can be easily installed, removed, stored and kept track of. Their practicality and intrinsic value make them the optimal choice for professional image presentation. Call Brooklyn Signs today at (718) 252-7575 to see your image take on new life as a high-quality canvas print.