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Vertical Pole Flags - Hanging Banners and Projection Signs

Vertical Pole Flags Brooklyn

An effective advertising campaign is a highly visible one. By using vertical pole flags, projection signs and hanging banners from Brooklyn Signs, your business, sale or temporary event is certain to be noticed by a large audience of potential customers. At Brooklyn Signs, we provide genuinely attractive flag signs for businesses all over New York.

Get Seen From Every Angle with NY Flags, Signs and Banners

Brooklyn Signs offers great versatility in terms of the possible arrangements of your fabric-based sign. Each sign placement choice has its own distinct advantages:

  • Floor Stands – Standing at head height or taller, our floor stands naturally fall within most people’s range of vision and are difficult for passersby to ignore.
  • Suspended from the Ceiling – Ceiling-suspended banners appear grand and imposing, drawing the eye up further and further to the highest extreme.
  • Mounted on Walls – Wall-mounted signs catch attention by interrupting the clean vertical lines of a building’s face with projecting blocks of text, images or both.

Brooklyn Signs not only offers choices as to the placement of your fabric-based signs, but also offers choices regarding the materials from which they are made. Our pole flag, projection sign and hanging banner fabrics and materials come in two varieties which enable your business to operate according to its values and priorities. These include:

  • Weather-Resistant Materials – Brooklyn Signs’ standard flags, signs and banners are made from high-grade materials designed to resist harsh weather conditions such as rain and snow, and are ideal for use outdoors.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials – As a part of the green living movement in New York, Brooklyn Signs is proud to offer biodegradable sign materials for your sign creation needs.

You can also choose to reflect your choice within your sign’s content, showing your customers another “side” of your business that they may not have been aware of previously.

Become a Competitor by Using Pole Flags for Your Campaign

The following types of establishments frequently use vertical pole flags and other fabric or canvas based signs in their ad campaigns and sales:

  • Sports centers
  • Fitness clubs
  • Car sales outlets
  • Appliance retailers
  • Fireworks stores
  • Home improvement showrooms
  • Furniture stores

If your business belongs to one of these categories, it will likely benefit greatly from your use of the type of cost-effective, large scale advertising represented by pole flags. Similarly, if you are hoping to draw attention to a temporary event in which you are participating, such as any of the following:

  • Charity auctions
  • Green markets
  • Bazaars
  • Grand openings
  • Special sales
  • Amusement parks

You may find it useful to attract the attention of the large crowds that gather at such events by way of imposing, strategically-placed sign that calls attention to the most attractive features of your business. Call Brooklyn Signs at (718) 252-7575 and plan your own fabric sign campaign today.