We’re proud to serve Linden with top-tier custom signage solutions. Nestled in this vibrant New Jersey community, our approach is tailored to capture Linden’s unique energy and business landscape. From striking retail signs to impactful outdoor advertising, we specialize in creating visuals that resonate with the local clientele. Catering to businesses, both big and small, our goal is to enhance Linden’s bustling streets with signage that showcases your brand and enriches the community’s aesthetic.

Custom Signs and Banners Printing Company in Linden

The best way to get your sales enhanced is through the best and attractive designed sign. The Exterior signs must be attractive and well-designed because they provide you the opportunity to get the attention of the people.

Linden, a suburb of Newark with a population of 40,000 people, hub of different motels and diners. Like so many motels and diners, this city is also filled with different signages guiding people to the motel nearby where they can easily stay, signages also help them find their floors and their rooms in the motels too. And then to help them find nearest diners where they can easily dine and enjoy their food. At Brooklyn Signs, you can get any sign – in any custom shape, color and design, and material. Brooklyn Signs is one of the businesses in Linden that makes all these signages for you.

We have been serving people and different companies since 1989 and we have been providing friendly services to many commercial businesses, schools, colleges, universities, retailers, building managers, and many other organizations too. We offer you many services as we are your local full sign company.

outdoor sign & window decals

Our Popular Sign Products in Long Island

Making signs every day using high-tech machines like CNC routers and many more can easily make even the most delicate signs for you. We are a custom signage company that easily makes any type of sign that you want. You can get these signs in any shape, design, color or material that you want. 

Aluminum Metal Sign

Aluminum Metal Signs

The signs that are the best for outdoor and indoor use. Giving your building, store and extravagant look that can help you attract many customers. These signs are being used by many businesses like cafes, restaurants, malls, stores and many more.



Retractable awning, patio awnings, and many more are great products to use to provide shelter to your storefronts, patio and more. These awnings are a great way to make your customers feel comfortable so that they can sit out and eat in these days while also taking in consideration the social distancing rule.

Light Box Signs

Lightboxes are lit signs used by many industries nowadays as they can be seen even in the dark due the LED light used in them. They are a great way to advertise your logo and attract customers to your buildings and stores.

Wall Wraps

Wall Wraps

The best way to give your walls a new look occasionally, wall wraps play a huge role in making your rooms, offices, stores and many other buildings look remarkable and eye-catching.

Hand Painted Signs

Hand Painted Signs

The most traditional way of getting your signs made. The most special thing about these signs is they give you a sense of belonging that they were thought of and get painted by you and no one can copy that style or design from you.

Channel Letters

Channel Letter Signs

The illuminated signs that are used by bars, pubs, restaurants and cafes and many other businesses are a great way to attract customers to your businesses. These signs are also called three-dimensional signs and are great for outdoor and indoor use.

Carved Signs

Carved Signs

Traditional signs that give your stores, buildings or homes a unique look. These signs are made with extra care using new technology tools to make them extra special for our customers.

Window Signs

Window Signs

Windows signs include many signs like window decals, window wraps, hand-painted signs and many more. These signs are a great way to attract different customers to your business and also add some privacy factors to your store too

Office Signs

Office Signs

Office signs that include nameplate signs, floor number signs, boiler room signs, safety signs and many more. These signs play an important role in making the best impression on your customers.

banners printing

Banners Printing

In New York City, our banner printing services offer vibrant, eye-catching solutions for promotions and events. Durable and customizable, they're perfect for making a big impact in the bustling cityscape.

Blade Signs

Blade Signs

Blade signs are a quintessential choice for NYC businesses, projecting out from buildings to catch the eye of passersby. Our designs are both stylish and durable, ideal for the city's dynamic streets.

Window Frosting

Window Frosting

Window frosting provides a sleek, privacy-enhancing solution for New York City's commercial and retail spaces. It's a stylish way to create a private yet inviting atmosphere, with custom designs that reflect your brand.

Why Choose Us as Your Sign Company in Linden

Choosing Brooklyn Signs as your local sign company in Linden, NJ means partnering with a team that truly understands the pulse of this unique community. We offer a blend of local insight, creative expertise, and top-quality craftsmanship, ensuring that every sign we create is not only visually stunning but also perfectly aligned with Linden’s distinctive character.

Our commitment to using the latest technology and materials guarantees durability and impact, whether it’s for a small business or a large corporation. At Brooklyn Signs, we’re not just making signs; we’re helping Linden businesses thrive and stand out in New Jersey’s diverse marketplace.

Our Signage Solutions for Linden Businesses

At Brooklyn Signs, you can let us know about the designs you want us to design for you or you can talk to us and our team will provide you the consultation services. We have designed and manufactured Interior and Exterior signs for roundabout 500 companies and many other big organizations too. We provide you with signs which help you in many different ways such as they advertise your products, get you recognised in the industry and many more. 

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Sign Design

We specialize in custom sign designs that capture New Jersey’s unique brand essence. Our team works with you to create visually impactful designs that effectively communicate your message.

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Sign Fabrication

Our sign fabrication blends artistry with precision, utilizing advanced technology and quality materials to create durable, eye-catching signs for New Jersey’s diverse settings.

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Sign Installation

We provide thorough sign installation services across New Jersey, ensuring safe, prominent setup and professional display in any location.

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Sign Restoration

Revitalize old signs with our restoration services, expertly preserving their character while enhancing durability, perfect for New Jersey’s varied landscape.

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Sign Repair

Our efficient sign repair team addresses wear and tear quickly, restoring your signage to optimal condition for continued effectiveness.

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Sign Permit

We navigate New Jersey’s sign permit process, managing legalities to ensure your signage complies with local regulations.

Get Your Custom Sign Made Today!

Brooklyn Signs offers a comprehensive range of customized signs and dedicated services, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client in Linden, NJ. Our skilled team is prepared to handle projects of any scale, from erecting impressive billboards using state-of-the-art machinery to designing intricate vehicle wraps for local entrepreneurs. We are committed to guiding you at every stage, ensuring your vision is accurately brought to life.

As Linden, NJ, continues to grow and diversify, the importance of visual advertising in making a mark cannot be overstated. Brooklyn Signs is recognized as the leading provider in the area for producing signs that not only effectively represent your brand but also resonate with the local Linden community. Whether you’re looking to enhance your storefront or launch a large-scale advertising campaign, we have the expertise and tools to help.

Reach out to us at (718) 252-7575 or fill out our online contact form to start transforming your signage ideas into reality. We’re dedicated to amplifying your presence in Linden’s dynamic business scene.

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