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Known for its diverse population, thriving food scene, and neighborhoods full of character, it is clear why Brooklyn continues to grow. To keep up with the growth, new and established businesses alike continue to rely on signs to capture customers in this busy borough. A local company ourselves, Brooklyn Signs provides custom signs and services to local businesses.

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From beautiful Prospect Park to artistic Williamsburg to historic Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn has different cultures, communities, and styles. With so much to do and something always going on, the signs different businesses need to stand out are as varied as our neighborhoods. The right sign can be vinyl lettering on a quaint coffee shop, a hand painted wooden sign for a brownstone, or a towering banner on a downtown skyscraper. Whatever the sign, Brooklyn Signs has a solution.
Headquartered in the heart of Brooklyn, we know better than anyone the charm of living in Brooklyn and the challenges businesses face. Even in the age of social media, visually appealing signage is still key for attracting customers and making an impression. Brooklyn Signs can help you turn your physical space into an extension of your brand.

Brooklyn Sign Portfolio

What We Offer - Types of Signs

Our signs range from artistic and eye-catching to purely utilitarian. No matter the purpose, we can create both indoor and outdoor signage customized to the space and purpose. Our signs are fabricated from high-quality metal, plastic, vinyl, wood, paper, and more. Signs we commonly work on include:

  • HDP SignsThese required signs meet HDP regulations for registered properties. We provide customizable HDP signs that are durable and easily installed, as well as available on a quick timeline.
  • Neon Signs – Classic neon is a stand out look, especially today. We handcraft our neon signs to create a one-of-a-kind piece for your business or home.
  • Vinyl DecalsKnown for its versatility and ease, vinyl decals can be installed on windows, floors, walls, vehicles – on almost any flat surface, in fact. We can print vinyl decals with any design on sizes ranging from less than an inch to over 10’ wide.
  • Carved SignsWith a state of the art CNC router, we can create carved wood, metal, or plastic signs for a vintage look. The CNC router makes the options for shapes, art, and fonts nearly endless.
  • Blade SignsAvailable both lit and unlit, blade signs extend away from the building over the walkway, grabbing people’s attention as they walk by. With many customization options, a blade sign can match any brand.
  • Acrylic Letters – Custom acrylic lettering is available in many colors, sizes, and thicknesses for a unique indoor sign. Letters are cut in both standard and custom fonts using heat lasers or a CNC router. In addition to looking highly professional, acrylic is quite affordable.
  • AwningsServing the dual purpose of protecting the business entrance from the elements and a wide canvas for promoting a business, an awning is ideal for drawing in customers. We offer both awning fabrication and installation services.

In addition to these signs, we can create almost any type of signage with our materials, equipment, and skills. When you let us know your design ideas, or if you don’t yet have a design in mind, we can work with you to customize the perfect sign.

Additional Sign Services

With such a variety of signs, design, installation, and maintenance can involve many variables. We help our customers throughout the process. For all of our signs – and our competitors’ signs as well – we make the process installing and maintaining a sign easy. We offer:

Sign Design

Our team of expert designers has experience with everything from small decals to block-long banners, and can create graphics with company logos, photography, and illustration.

Sign Permits

To ensure your sign meets with local regulatory and safety requirements, we offer permit filing services.

Sign Installation

While we can finish many of our signs so that they can be easily installed by the customer, we also offer installation services for all our signs.

Sign Repair and Restoration

To extend the service life of your sign, we can maintain, repair, and even restore historic signs. Our services are available even if we did not design the original sign.

Our services are provided by inhouse teams that work directly with our customers, ensuring work is done to your specifications and schedule. We seek to understand your needs at every step of the process and have signs available to help you meet your goals

About Us - Brooklyn Signs

Since our founding in 1989, Brooklyn Signs has become the premier sign fabrication company in Brooklyn and beyond. We are proud to have our headquarters right here in Brooklyn, providing convenient access, hand delivery, and quick services for our local customers.
When you work with Brooklyn Signs, we promise courteous and professional customer service. Our design team, fabricators, and installers work within your schedule to make sure your signage needs are met on time and at a reasonable price. It has always been our goal to not only meet our customer’s expectations, but to exceed them.

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Though we have customers throughout NYC and beyond, Brooklyn Signs remains committed to our clients here in the borough. We understand that every business has different needs, and we work with our customers individually to create customized solutions, both with attractive, branded signage and professional services.
As Brooklyn continues to be one of NYC’s most thriving boroughs, competition between stores, cafes, restaurants, and services will grow as well. Competing with other companies means grabbing customers with signs and displays that attract their attention. Fill out the contact form or call Brooklyn Signs at (718) 252-7575 to find out more about what we do and how we can make your sign ideas a reality.