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From its growing cities to the quiet, residential streets, New Jersey remains one place where signage can help you stand out. Businesses here know it’s important to capture attention with the right signage, whether that is a storefront sign, a well-designed menu, an eye-catching vehicle wrap, or banner at an event.

New Jersey is a northeastern US state with 130 mile of Atlantic ocean. Jersey City is across the Hudson River from  Lower Manhattan, home to monuments and memorials. And, while visiting these memorials and monuments like World War 1 memorial, Empty Sky Memorial, Tear Drop Memorial and many others you will find different types of signages helping you find your way, enlightening you with the information about the place.

As this city is really famous because of the presence of the “Statue of Liberty”. You will also see many different signages around it, telling you about the facts and different kinds of stories about the statue of liberty, how and why it was manufactured and other relative information.

All of the places here in this state use some kind of outdoor and indoor signs to guide the locals and the tourists. The signs that are being used here widely include; nameplates, directional signs, Wayfinder signs, metal signs, DOB signs, banners, awnings, decals and many more.

New Jersey Sign Portfolio

Our most famous signs in New Jersey

We can create signs for any purpose and location. Our team has the equipment and skills to work with every signage material and each sign can be customized to meet your specifications for color, size, durability, shape and more.Brooklyn Signs offer many different products in New Jersey that may include:
  • Awnings: – Stores, restaurants, parks, cafes, houses and many other places use awnings. These signs can be a perfect way to attract customers by providing them a safe place to stay in bad weather.
  • Truck Wraps and Decals: – If your business uses vehicles, or you have a personal vehicle, a vinyl wrap can turn that vehicle into mobile advertising. Vibrant and durable vinyl wraps can fully or partially cover a vehicle and showcase brand art, logos, text, and photographs.
  • Banners: – Banners are basically used to advertise events, products, and many more. Made of vinyl these banners are a great way to attract customers. A sign that can be used both outdoors and indoors.
  • Metal Letters – Made from aluminum, stainless steel, steel, copper, these signs are an excellent way to form an impression on people. Whether these signs are placed outdoors or indoors they can help you advertise your brand in a very attractive manner.
  • Plastic Signs: – Plastic signs made of acrylic are often used as office signs, informative signs, company signs, and sometimes door signs too. These signs are also an excellent choice to display items in different styles and styles.
  • Channel Letters: – A three-dimensional graphic sign with individual structure and illumination. They can be letters, signs, symbols, or other characters. Mostly used in pubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, malls and many other places.
  • Window Decals – Made from high-quality vinyl film, window decals can be created with any graphics, shape, or size. Businesses use them to promote a product, provide privacy, or even as storefront signs.
  • LightBox Sign: – Electrically lighted sign having an encapsulated body containing a backlit film that contains a print image displayed when light passes through it. These signs are used in offices, libraries, clinics, restaurants and many other places..
If you are not yet sure which sign will work best for your business or event, our design team can make recommendations about the various styles. We can also work with you on creating the graphics that will be displayed on your sign.
The Sign Services That We Provide in New Jersey

Beyond sign fabrication, we offer a variety of services to help you no matter where you are in the sign process. Our friendly and dependable teams of designers, installers, and technicians are here for you. We offer:

Sign Design

For assistance with the sign graphics, our designers can create artwork and suggest the appropriate styles for your brand and requirements.

Sign Installation

Our licensed and insured team can install and remove signs, banners, vehicle wraps, and lit signs in any space.

Sign Repair and Restoration

To keep them functioning, many signs require maintenance or repair during their service life. We offer onsite repair services to fix electrical issues, touch up signs, and replace bulbs and sign faces.

Sign Permits

Many signs require permits from local regulatory agencies. We work with you to understand the local building codes, perform site surveys, and file the necessary permit requests.

CNC Router Cutting

In addition to giving our signs custom shapes, our CNC router is also available for product fabrication, carving, and other automated cutting needs.

Like our sign fabrication, our services are available for competitive rates and on a schedule that meets your needs

Why choose Brooklyn Signs as Your Sign Company?
For over 30 years, Brooklyn Signs has been offering sign creation and services to business in New Jersey.We have worked with companies both small and large, offices, event planners, and individuals to make every type of sign reality, all while providing the professional service and great rates our customers expect. With the fastest turnaround Brooklyn Signs offer a lot of services to our customers. To each of our customers, we bring knowledge of both the sign industry and local expertise, resulting in valuable recommendations not possible elsewhere. We understand that signs are the most important tool to put a good first impression on the public. Let Brooklyn Signs help you give the best first impression after all you never get a second chance to make a first impression and a good first impression can work wonders for your business.

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With an array of custom signs and services, we can tailor your experience with Brooklyn Signs. We work with each of our clients individually, and no company or project is too big or small. We’ve installed billboards requiring bucket trucks and machinery, as well as printed vehicle graphics for home businesses. Whatever your needs, we have the services to meet them and are there for you at every step.

As New Jersey continues to grow in population and diversity, many businesses are looking to make an impression on new customers, and visual advertising remains key. Brooklyn Signs has become the premier choice in New Jersey for signs that represent your brand, but also fit with your industry and location. To discuss your signage ideas or get more information about our services, call us at (718) 252-7575. We can also be reached through our contact form.