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Letters Visibility Chart

At Brooklyn signs, we provide you a range of fonts from which you can decide what type of font you want and you can let us know. We will craft that specific font for you. Besides offering font – we also offer you the Font visibility Chart – in which we tell you what height and thickness a font must have to be seen from a specific distance – and if you will leave upon us, we will help you out in getting the right height and thickness of the font.

Selecting the Right Letters Size for Your Signs

We understand that the effectiveness of a sign is not just in its design but also in its visibility. As experts in sign fabrication, we are dedicated to guiding you through the crucial aspects of sign distance visibility. Our goal is to ensure that your message reaches its intended audience, clearly and impactfully. Visibility is the cornerstone of effective signage. A sign that is not properly visible, regardless of its design excellence, fails to communicate its intended message. This is where our expertise in sign fabrication and design principles becomes your asset. We focus on creating signs that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly visible and legible from the appropriate distances.

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Determining the Right Size for Lettering

At Brooklyn Signs, we emphasize the importance of choosing the correct letter size for your signs, ensuring they are readable and impactful from the desired distance. Our technical approach combines industry standards and our extensive experience to guide you in making informed decisions about letter sizing.

Understanding the Viewing Distance

The viewing distance is the key factor in determining the appropriate letter height. It’s essential to consider how far away your audience will be when they need to read your sign. We use a standard formula: for every 10 feet of viewing distance, the height of the lettering should increase by 1 inch. This ensures that your sign remains legible and effective.

Viewing Distance (Feet) Minimum Recommended Letter Height (Inches)
10 1
20 2
30 3
40 4
50 5
60 6
70 7
80 8
90 9
100 10
Font Style Legibility

Font Style and Legibility

The choice of font plays a significant role in the legibility of your sign. We recommend using simple, bold fonts for better readability. Avoid overly decorative fonts, especially for signs that are intended to be read from a distance or in passing, such as roadside or highway signs.

Color Contrast and Background

Color contrast is another crucial factor in ensuring your sign’s visibility. High contrast colors, like black on white or vice versa, ensure that your message stands out. Our design team excels in selecting the perfect color combinations that not only align with your brand but also enhance readability.

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