Coroplast Sign Material

Coroplast is a manufacturer and it’s material is corrugated plastic. The Coroplast is also known as “Corex” in the industry. It is generated by combining two layers of corrugated plastic. The Coroplast signs can be widely used for a range of variety for interior and exterior signs.

These signs when installed look attractive and they can be used for short-term outdoor uses. The corrugated plastic material is also known by names of Coroplast, Corex and there are more names in the industry. The Corrugated plastic material is a versatile material that is also waterproof. It can be used for long term interior and short term exterior uses. The material is available in any custom size, shape, and color.

Applications of Coroplast

The coroplast has a very limited outdoor life. But for interiors, they can be used for a good time span. The benefit of coroplast signs is that they can be easily printed with your business logo and such other information. The signs are affordable and can be used for multi-Purposes. Their applications are:

Installation of Coroplast

If we talk about the life span of the corrugated plastic material signs, then it depends that where you get them installed or mounted. If they are installed indoor – then they can last for a longer time as compared if they are placed outdoors.

Because in the exterior environment there are a lot of factors that will have several effects on it – such as sunlight, scratches, dents, weather conditions, etc. The coroplast signs are very affordable and they come in a variety of colors and sizes – which means they are easily customizable. You can use them for a range of purposes. The coroplast signs weakness is that they are not meant to bear the outdoors extreme weather conditions – extreme sunlight, rain, or wind.

The Coroplast signs can be displayed as:

A-Frame Signs

The Coroplast Material signs can be used as A-Frame signs. They are good choice for exterior uses.


The Coroplast material signs are self supporting. Without any support you can display them.

Framed and adhered to the walls

The coroplast material signs can be adhered to the walls or they can be framed, depends upon your preferances.

This material is recyclable – you can use them again and again for many purposes. You can use the corrugated plastic material for your logos and salons and much more. You can let us know about them the way you want your coroplast signs to be installed and Manufactured. With our right tools and the team, we will manufacture perfectly your coroplast signs.

Call Brooklyn Signs and Get Your Coroplast Signs

The first thing which you need to do for your coroplast signs is that you need to place them out of direct sunlight and rain. With the exposure of light, they can get damaged. You can clean them easily – by just a cloth and some soap. You can enhance their effectiveness by choosing the right colors, adding logo and graphics, using frames, and displaying them in the right position. To know more about our coroplast signs, contact us at (718) 252-7575.