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Dibond Material signs

Dibond is the brand name of the industry standard aluminum composite material. This material is made by bonding two aluminum panels to a foam core, so the Dibond sheet is thicker than aluminum with only half the weight. Dibond material is commonly used for directional and traffic signage but also sees use with company logos, restaurant menus, and art galleries. Signs are easily mounted to poles with brackets or can be bolted to a wall.

Applications of Dibond

The Dibond Material signs look very attractive and brilliant when installed and they are halfway lightweight then Aluminum. This Material signs are easy to fabricate – due to which they can be manufactured to any required design – with custom color and size. At Brooklyn Signs, we also manufacture Metal signs with ACP Material and they are weather resistant.

The Applications of Dibond Signs are:

Benefits of Dibond Material

These signs are great for offices, reception, and many interior places. If you are looking for bold signs, Dibond Material signs are an ideal choice because they consist of many Aesthetic qualities that make them the best choice for custom Fabrication. The Aluminum Composite panels are available in different thicknesses and colors and they are considered suitable for simple and graphic printing.

There are many benefits of Dibond Material such as:

Can be used as interior and exterior signage

Provide a smooth Finish

The Dibond signs provides a smooth finish, they provides an attractive look when installed.

They are Long Lasting Signs

The signs made with Dibond material are meant to be last for a long time. They are versatile.

They are resistant to water

The Acrylic signs are self supporting. If not required, They can stand without support and they are portable.

The signs made with Dibond material are resistant to water, they can be used outdoors.

The Aluminum Composite consists of thin aluminum sheets on both sides to make them lightweight. The Dibond Aluminum Composite material is durable and is suitable to be used for some time of medium to long term for both interior and exterior signs.

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