Medium Density Overlay Sign Material

Medium Density Overlay, is also known by the name of MDO in industry. MDO are the panels which are paintable and they are made up of plywood. It consist of weather resistant resin overlay which is bounded to the wood. At Brooklyn signs, we can provide you different signs with this material according to your requirements.


You can get different types of signs made up of MDO. Our team is highly experienced and we have industry’s best equipment which help us in customizing the material to your desired signs. The material is best for moisture free signs and for the construction sign. This material can be used for different types of signs such as:

Benefits of MDO

MDO Signs have a long term exterior usage time. If painted and treated carefully, these signs can last for 7-8 years because they have a moisture free surface and are made up of plywood core. It is a wood product. There are many other benefits of these signs such as:


The MDO material is a wood material and they are very durable and versatile and you can use them for your desired signs.

Weather resistant

The MDO material is resistant to weather conditions. As it is a wood material, it can withstand for a long time for outdoors.

Easily Customizable

Compared to paper, poster board, and other materials, foam board can be customized by cutting to different shapes or adhering to pictures/posters.

Scratch Resistant

This material signs are resistant to scratch, which means they do not get scratched normally and can spend a longtime without scratching.

The substrate material is available in a range of custom thicknesses. You can get them customized according to your choices or depending upon your site we can also help you in the customization.

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