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How Storefront Awnings Can Be Beneficial for Your Business

benefits of using awnings

Savvy businesses are constantly looking for new innovative business ideas to set themselves apart from the competition. And a storefront awning from Brooklyn Signs is just the thing that can help you set your business apart and get noticed!

We are one of the top commercial awnings makers in NYC and NJ. Awnings are among our most cost-effective products. They are made from high-quality materials like fire-resistant fabric and high-end aluminum that will make your storefront look even more appealing and eye-catching.

Whether you want a simple single-colored awning or colorful awnings with your logo printed on them, we can make the perfect storefront awning that will help you get your name across your town.

Storefront awnings can be a great addition to your business space. Whether you own a restaurant or a cafe, you can expand your outdoor space by adding a commercial awning that will provide a space where you can easily serve your customers while they enjoy the weather with it.

Benefits of Commercial Awnings That Will Elevate Your Business

Whether you own a store, a restaurant, a cafe, a bar, or a hotel, commercial awnings have the capability to directly impact your company’s bottom line. How is it so? From increasing the customers’ capability to trust you during bad weather to increase the space of your property to adding the enhanced branding and improving the overall aesthetics of your property, the right awnings can enhance your space in ways more than you can imagine.

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While the list of benefits that come with awnings is expansive, we have narrowed them down to 5, they are:

Visibility and Branding

Your customers always take notice of how well you brand your business a great commercial storefront awning serves as the perfect platform to showcase the name of your business and your logo. Besides, attractive and eye-catching awnings can increase your visibility, thus attracting more customers to your business.

Increase Sales

According to the research, investing in commercial property could increase your profit by up to 65%. And it is no secret that more customers lead to more profit. A covered area of a store or a restaurant can hold more people which can lead to more sales.

Create A Social Environment

A commercial awning will allow your customers to enjoy their outdoors freely and catch the attention of the foot traffic. A busy bar, cafe, or restaurant with an upbeat, fun customer base will draw a crowd. This crowd will spark curiosity in the passersby that will lead them to join the crowd too.

Customer Experience and Ambiance

As we know that social media has completely changed the way the population behaves. A unique and beautiful outdoors will attract more and more social media influencers who quickly help you increase your sales. A trendy Sunday brunch or a rooftop-covered bar will lead to pictures, “likes” and more and more potential customers.

Protection From Weather

Bad weather can really cause a bad customer experience. However, when you have a commercial storefront awning, you will be able to protect your customers from extreme weather conditions- a hail storm or bright sun. This will light up the mood of your customers, which will enable them to spend more and more time in your store.

Transforming the space of your outdoors into something that is attractive can breathe life into your business. An investment in a commercial awning can lead to more profit for your business.

commercial awnings

Types of Awnings That You Can Choose From To Match Your Color Scheme

From the rooftop hanging area to the brunch scenes every Sunday, the usage of outdoor living space has grown steadily from the residential areas to the commercial properties. From the past few decades, the competition between businesses has become fiercer, which is partly because of the demand of a growing population demanding a near-perfect customer experience and partly because of the rise of the social media world where everything escalates in a matter of seconds.

All the commercial businesses must fight for the attention that not only sets them apart from their competitors but leaves their customers wanting even more from them. And then maybe you can leave them no choice but wanting to share their phenomenal experience with you with the world. Brooklyn Signs have different types of storefront awnings that you can choose from:

  • Retractable Awnings
  • Roll-up Awnings
  • Patio Awnings

Storefront Awning Material Options To Consider

We have plenty of customization options that you can choose from to make your business stand out and catch the attention of your potential customers. You can choose from the size, material, color options design, and printing.

The materials that we use to make our awnings include:

  • Fabric
  • Regular Vinyl
  • Eradicable Vinyl

The size of the awnings depends on the area that you want to get them installed. We can make you large as well as small awnings to help you protect your outdoors and attract more and more customers.

storefront awnings

In addition to all these customization options, we can add your logo, your business name, or any other graphics. To make different designs on your awnings we create custom stencils that match the design that you want on your awnings and chemical treat it to make a great customized awning for you.

Let’s Finalize Your Custom Awning Solution

Are you ready to add to make your business stand out on its own by taking advantage of your outdoor space? Could your store, restaurant, or hotel use a major upgrade? Only a well-crafted awning can give your store a visual upgrade.

Contact our experts in NYC and NJ at (718) 252-7575 or request a quote so that we can help you select an amazing awning to boost your outdoors and increase the profitability of your company!

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