3 Types of Job Safety Signs That Every Construction Site Must Own

caution sign

If you’re a company that deals with dangerous materials, construction, or anything that could be hazardous to your employees or those nearby, it’s crucial both legally and ethnically to make sure that you have job safety signs: clearly visible, often bright signs that communicate safety issues with those in the vicinity of the danger.

At Brooklyn Signs, we are happy to create any type of safety sign that you or your company needs to make sure that everyone is safe. Every sign we create can be customized with text, images, and more, all to create a sign that is clearly visible, shares the information you need to share, and is designed to last in any type of condition.

Choosing Your Job Safety Sign

Because these signs come in all different shapes and sizes, there is no limit to what you can create, and at Brooklyn Signs we’ll make sure you have the right materials, colors, and more to make sure that your sign communicates safety effectively.

Some of the types of job safety signs you may need to consider include:

Any time you work in construction; you’ll need a variety of construction signs to make sure people stay safe. From “Hard Hat Area” to “Caution: Flammable Materials,” these signs are crucial for ensuring the safety of everyone on staff and nearby.

    • Regulatory Signs

Regulatory signs are signs that make sure people know where to go and where not to go. These are often used by road workings, police, and urban planners, with “Sidewalk Closed” signs, traffic signs, and more, all designed to keep people aware of the rules and regulations of the area.

    • Directional Signs

Not all signs need to have warnings to be safety signs. Directional signs that tell people where to go and which roads to take are there to help keep people safe, showing them where the emergency exits are or where to turn on the street. Directional signs play a crucial role in safety, and at Brooklyn Signs, we can make sure that your sign communicates any direction effectively.

If you need to make sure that those nearby are aware of the safety needs of your location, Brooklyn Signs can help you create it, with text and visual images that clearly communicate to those around. For your job safety signs, call us today at 718.252.7575 to find out more about our prices, or to learn more about the best way to make your job safety sign.

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