Pro Tips On How to Get Your Kiosk Noticed with Floor Graphics

floor graphics

When you have a kiosk in a mall or commercial property, you have to take advantage of your limited space to get noticed. Every inch of your kiosk is real estate for marketing, advertising, and branding your company, and the better you use it the more likely you will be to be successful in the long term.

 One of the areas that most kiosk businesses forget about is the floor. Generally, you’re provided with a floor space that you can use however you want. Rather than let this place be empty, consider filling it with our custom floor graphics – a great way to capture people’s attention and draw them to your kiosk.

Why Floor Graphics?

Your floor is essentially unused real estate. Floor graphics turn that unused real estate into a valuable marketing platform, and have many advantages for kiosks looking to brand themselves, including:

    • Bright and Noticeable 

Floor graphics can be customized with bright, branded colors, which help your kiosk get noticed from far away. Rarely do other companies utilize floor signs, which means your graphics will stand out against the likely drab floor colors. In many ways, floor graphics expand your space so that your entire kiosk looks larger.

    • Memorable

Kiosks are mentally easy for potential customers to skip over. But when you have a well decorated kiosk with floor graphics, you make your kiosk far more visually memorable to consumers, thus improving your long term branding efforts and making sure that customers always remember where to find you.

    • Ensure Client See Your Message 

Not everyone is going to want to look at your kiosk as they walk by. But even if they have their eyes on the floor, they’ll still be branded with your message, and that has the potential pay big dividends over time.

Floor graphic signs can also be designed in such a way that your kiosk also looks more professional and more attractive to the eye.

Contact Brooklyn Signs for Your Floor Signs Today

Whether you realize it or not, the floor around your kiosk often belongs to you, and becomes unused real estate if you don’t brand it with your company’s information.

Floor graphics are a great way to make sure that you’re utilizing all of your space, in a way that has many advantages to your business in the short and long term. If your business is interested in expanding its reach with floor graphics, contact Brooklyn Signs today.

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