Amazing Corporate Event Signage, Banners and Graphic Ideas For Your Business

event signage ideas

It might seem that Event Signage is the most basic among all of the event details. However, you might find it surprising that it is entirely wrong. One small error and the entire attendee experience will go down the drain.

The lack of a concise and clear signage to direct and assist attendees to find out what they need will make the event chaos.

It isn’t necessary for the signs to be functional, however, their good visual nature; it provides extensive opportunity for brand promotion and even sometimes your sponsors.

Before you go on find out how you can wow your fans with corporate event signage, let’s see why you need corporate event signage, Banners & graphics.

Selecting a Good Corporate Event Signage

One of the biggest advantages of a good corporate event signage is that it provides the ability for your business to brand the particular location where the event or conference was held. Also, it keeps your customers and partners focused on your company while the event is going on, thereby providing them a certain kind of trust on your brand.

Sometimes your firm will be struggling to work hard to complete the given marketing deadline in this quarter. Don’t worry! With corporate signage, you can accommodate any kind of budget.

Most corporate event signage providers provide signage alternatives like Hanging Banners , Retractable Banners, Foam Board Signs, Removable vinyl graphics, Table Throws, etc. Interestingly, each of them can be used again and again for many years.

Many of the custom markers will allow visitors to be aware of your services, top-selling products and history of your business.

The compelling text and imagery will assist you in achieving this goal. By using various signage applications, you can bring in an environment of branding for your corporate parties and events.

Assisting Individuals in Finding Their Way Around

Most of the company events are held with the basic aim of bringing individuals from various parts of the firm together.

Now this consists of existing and prospective clients, employees, and even the front office worker. So, if you really want to keep a track on the events that are happening, it is necessary to have a clear and coherent visual communication. Yes! You need to have a good signage to aid your attendees.

Best Corporate Event Signage – To the Rescue

Whether you want to welcome your attendees, or you are planning for sponsorship or marketing activities, or trying for brand recognition at an exhibition or trade show, event signage provides you an organized and systematic feel. This helps your attendees know that they are in good hands.

Now rather than going for traditional signage, it might be better if you go for innovative ones which can really brighten up your marketing tactics and can be good one in your arsenal. So, let’s check some of them:

1) Interchangeable Registration Booths

Interchangeable Registration Booths

One of the best things of event registration is that you can make use it to ensure that the signage is properly seen, especially from the official welcome zone. This is best for sponsorship and marketing opportunities.

Also, it is best place where individuals hang around and even sometimes queue. No doubt, branded registration booths gives a great opportunity for interchangeable signage. Now if it is multiple events, you do have the option to modify the design for various days so that the welcome becomes extra special.

2) Floating Signage

Sometimes you might not have this option, but if you do have, try to make use of the fountains, pools, and water feature with the floating signage.

Of course, you can go for something like an event or brand name. Even you can go with an event or theme ethos. Sometimes, you can opt for adaptive signs, as these have solar powered lights and it can easily make the transition from night to day special as well as noticeable.

3) Marquee Signs

If you are looking for something which is photo opportunity favorite, then you can try the marquee signs. They come in various sizes, including the huge human-sized one. These are commonly bright (always lit) and are great for events which transition from day to night, or even in low lighting conditions. Also, they can be put anywhere so that it can blend in along with the decor.

4) Badges


Do you know that at every exhibitions and conferences, passes and badges can be a great signage opportunity? Each attendee will be having one and wears it during the event. So, there are various opportunities for gate crashing event photos.

In addition, this can be a great sponsorship option which can be added in the package, especially for the badge having lanyards.

5) Commercial Fleet Wraps

Vehicle Wraps

No doubt, vehicle signage can be a great assistance for promotion and marketing before an event. Also, it makes sure that individuals are in the right place, especially for the live event. Now by using quirky automobiles like cars, buses or modified and luxury cars will easily bring in a buzz along with providing the required options which can be sponsored.

6) Light Up Tubes

Light Up Tubes

The best part of lighting effects is that it brings in an impact to your event. So, incorporating a signage in it will be a great opportunity. Even though the tubes are tiny, still they are quite effective and can easily used as a part of the walkway, event entrance, or sometimes dotted around the room for creating an effect.

7) Banner Flags

Banner Flags

These are quite famous at outdoor and sporting events. You can fix a flag into anything, making it highly adaptable and easily secured to the backpacks of stewards or runners. This will make them a walking mobile signage. No doubt, custom flags will stand out among the crowds and bring markers so that individuals can recognize it and get more brand recognition.

8) Furniture Signage, Displays & Table Throws

Do you know that your event branding along with the attendee comfort is a great winning combination? So, it means those whether you sign the table tops, has printed chair signage or go for rustic along with a DIY board fixed to furniture, either way it is the major opportunity which shouldn’t be avoided.

9) Post-It-Notes

If you are looking for a low-cost and fun option which can make heads turn, then post-it-notes is the best thing. These so-called variety-color post-it notes will have their own impact. Also, it will help attendees to communicate their thoughts on a given note, which is a part of the networking game or any kind of participatory event, which can contribute to the same wall in the next event.

10) Neon Signs

             neon sign


No doubt, colorful neon signs bring a small nostalgia when you are designing a good signage effect. Of course, this can be on a costlier side as it must be commissioned for your event, however, huge neon signs will create a powerful impact and even a good photo opportunity.

11) Chalkboard Signs

Among the various favorite budget ideas, chalkboards are the ones that provides an interesting effect and is simply contrasted with various kinds of color chalks.

As these kind of signage are increasing in terms of popularity, it looks stunning and fantastic when a calligraphy is added with it. Also you can make it permanent by various paints for creating varied effects.

You also have the option to go with this signage idea by putting it in a frame of a stand and making it look like some easel.

12) Coroplast Boards

coroplast board

One thing you should never underestimate is the traditional signage options. These coroplast boards are quite simple as well as effective and even mobile.

Your staffs can carry it around as they are quite light. Also, they can be put at the entrances and even at the key points along with instructions and way-finding options to assist guests.

13) Glass/Wall Vinyl Decals

vinyl wall decals

You can use decals or vinyl stickers on the walls to fill in the empty space, and temporarily convert your venue into something unique and beautiful. Also, it creates a lighting effect as the sun shines, when the sunlight passes through them and even extends to the floor and combines with the interactive floor signage.

14) Graffiti Walls

Not many people know that graffiti are one of the expressive and artistic method of gaining attention. These can be used on temporary booths and walls, thereby accommodating modern artwork.

In addition, you have another less minimal option, which is create a digital graffiti wall that not only provides the sponsorship or signage chances, but even encourages active participation too.

15) Staff

If you have volunteers, staffs or any facilitators at the event, you can provide branded or signed T-Shirts to wear. These can easily be one of the most powerful signage tools for both sponsorship and marketing.

Having an excellent staff means providing fantastic services and when they are wearing the branded or logo-designed clothing, it is like having various event ambassadors at the spot.


Corporate event signage can be a great means of marketing your products and services. It helps in guiding your attendees to the exact spot where you want them to be and provides the required information regarding your business. Of course, there are various high and low-cost corporate event signages, and you must choose them based on your budget and need.

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