15 Outdoor Signs That Helps People Find Your Business in NY

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So much is invested these days in online and digital marketing. But New York City has intensely heavy foot traffic, vehicles, and public transportation – all of which houses potential customers. Digital marketing is great, but if you want to really attract people to your business, you need to capture their attention in person.

Brooklyn Signs is a business sign design company known for its creative outdoor signage in NYC. One of the first things we do when we talk to new businesses is to explain to them that signs are one of the best possible options for receiving a return on investment. Not only are signs affordable, but they do a far better job than any other type of advertisement at getting people into your door.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the best possible outdoor signs available in New York City. These 15 signs only scratch the surface of the total types of signs available, but hopefully you can use them as inspiration for choosing your next sign design.

Outdoor and Exterior Building Signage in NYC

The following list is not in a particular order, because the “best” outdoor sign for a business depends almost entirely on what it is you’re trying to market or get noticed. But the following are some of the top 15 different types of effective outdoor signage, and some tips and strategies on how to use them.

  • 3d led backlit channel letters

Channel letter signs are used by big companies like Starbucks and Subway, as they offer fantastic nighttime and daytime visibility over a larger space.

illuminated lighted sign

Able to light up the night, light box signs make graphics and text pop in the dark and are very popular as outdoor lighted building signs in NYC, while providing useful signage in the daytime.

    • Neon Signs

neon signs

From open signs to beer signs to tons of different signage in between, neon signs are perhaps the brightest and easiest to maintain signs available in New York City today.

  • red and white window wraps

An outstanding way to make sure that your property is used efficiently, window wraps turn your window into a clearly visible and large sign.

scroll bracket hanging sign

Hanging business signs in NYC are perhaps the minimum required sign that businesses should have. But it does help to have a high quality sign that captures interest.

  • coroplast signs

These are best for real estate, landscapers, and others that work directly on a home or property. Did you know that we also provide real estate sign installation in NYC?

    • Billboard Signs

Perhaps the most well-known commercial signs in NYC, billboard signs are everywhere, and best for advertising important products and services.

  • vehicle wraps

Not all signs have to be right outside of the building. Our vehicle wraps are still an excellent choice for those that want people all around NYC to see their message.

  • wall decals

Decals, like those with store hours, logos, and other important items, are arguably as important if not more so than large window wraps and other signage.

    • Vertical Flags

Very popular with car dealerships and accountants, vertical flags get noticed from the street. This makes them popular when attracting drivers, as well as for large buildings like industrial building signs in NYC.

  • waterproof metal signs

Custom outdoor metal signs in NYC are an excellent way to get noticed. They are capable of drawing attention, showcasing colored prints, and can withstand most of the elements.

  • carved signs

Though useful in almost any industry, the classic look of a hand-painted wooden sign is excellent for hotels, restaurants, and any business that wants to add a little bit of class.

  • vinyl banners

Outdoor vinyl signs in NYC may be used to advertise local events, announce grand openings, or otherwise make sure that you have a very affordable and large sign.

  • rollup stands

Though they have been often linked to trade shows, banner stands, chalkboard displays, and other folded types of signs can be placed outside during business hours to get those walking by interested in some type of service or product.

    • Pylon Signs

Popular with fast food and gas stations, pylon signs are placed high in the air and can be seen from cars and freeways from a great distance.

This does not even include outdoor changeable letter signs, scaffolding and construction signs, or the many custom outdoor signs that can be created using nothing but your own imagination. One of the things that make signs so great – and why it is so important to work with a highly effective sign fabrication company – is that the only real limits to the types of signs that you use for your business are what your imagination can come up with.

For your own outdoor sign to start drawing attention to your business, make sure you contact Brooklyn Signs today.

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