Vehicle Branding – These 10 Fleet graphics Ideas can Perform Role to Amaze your Audience

vehicle branding

Nowadays, if you check out most of the wraps on the road, you might feel that the concept of creating and designing an easy-to-read and simple message will be difficult to comprehend.

Frankly, it isn’t unless you know the basic fundamentals that take to create good and interactive wrap or fleet graphic.

Do you know what is the characteristics of a good vehicle advertising and wrap design? It is nothing but the proper usage of branding and easy to discern messages. Surprisingly, these are rarely used on many of the Vehicle Wraps that are seen today.

Now this explains why most of the wraps and fleet graphics fail from the advertising standpoint. Sadly, it is a waste of opportunity for the business for deploying them.

Frankly, this can be due to the lack of understanding and education regarding the actual medium.

Previously, the prerequisites for truck lettering artist and billboard painters were years of apprenticeship and studies.

But nowadays, mastering the craft is a little bit easier as the major barrier for entry is to get the finance for purchasing a huge format digital printer.

So, it means that even though the wrap or sign company might end up being good at installing wraps, still they may be lacking the needed experience in studying the effectiveness of advertising, especially in the outdoor realm.

Understanding A Good Wrap And Vehicle Advertising

There are certain rules that you might need to know to have a better understanding of the fundamentals needed for a good vehicle advertising and wrap design.

So, irrespective of whether you are a designer who is hoping to make improvements in terms of layouts or if you are a small (or upcoming) business owner trying to get a market share, the below tips will help you to make maximum impact and bring returns on investment for your outdoor vehicle advertising.

    • Brand Identity


Do you know one of the major reasons why wraps fail in terms of marketing perspective? Well, it is because the business has a poor brand logo and identity. The primary message for a vehicle wrap is brand unless you are having a national brand recognition. Now for small businesses who are trying to make an impact in their community, the major message is about branding. So, if you are going to start with a poor branding procedure, then you have failed before starting. In this case, wasting your money and effort is a huge marketing loss.

brand identity
    • Avoid Using Extra Images


There are less effective wraps who use photos but a wrap that doesn’t use photos will be more effective. Keep in mind that the photo is not a brand identity and it won’t connect you with the business name. But it can connect you with what the company does, which is what good brands does. 

avoid using pic
    • Try To Limit The Advertising Copy


Do you know that there are certain things which a good wrap will need? It goes down to three or four things – robust brand implementation, tagline messages, phone number and web address. If you plan on using bullet list, it will simply look like a shopping list, and isn’t something that can be placed on a vehicle. Frankly, this isn’t a yellow page. See would you want to list ten things and have nothing to remember or you want to convey one or two memorable takeaways. Now if your truck was a billboard, how many copies will be on it. Do you know that the billboards have the same challenges like vehicle advertising? So, if you are prioritizing your copy, it can be more effective.

    • A Design To Not Fit In But Stand Out


Many individuals might feel that carbon fiber, diamond plate, tribal flames can make your truck warp stand out. Now quite to the contrary, simply by eliminating these fills, bevels, noisy backgrounds, photos, and glows you are on the track of designing a wrap which simply stands out.

design stand out
    • 5) Simple And Obvious Is Good


Now if the viewers or onlookers take a lot of time to figure out the primary brand messaging, then it is nothing but an opportunity lost. Here, the medium is not the same as a print design where viewers can stop, then absorb the advertising and try to understand the message. Always consider what kind of primary takeaway are you hoping to leave for the viewer. A lot of questions will pop up. What is it? Will the wrap effectively communicate it? Will it be lost in the imagery? Can distance legibility be the major course? Keep in mind that you have limited time to capture the attention of viewers and even with message and brand which needs to be remembered and understood.

simple obvious
    • Being Cost-Effective


Unlike advertisements and billboards, which have recurring costs as long as you advertise, you can modify your vehicle wrap design a little or more often. All this at a low price or investment. Plus, you can make the initial investment just for a fraction of the cost when compared to the long-term advertisements and create results for years.

cost effective
    • Protection


Do you know that a good vehicle design or wrap can protect the body of the vehicle from scratches and small dents? You can utilize the services of a specialist to remove the vehicle wraps without causing any damage to the vehicle’s paint.

    • Being Flexible And Planning For Contingencies


Now an important aspect you need to keep in mind is that graphics companies and vehicle manufacturers will regularly cycle their inventories, so, it means that the same graphics and vehicle package might not be available the next year or in the upcoming years. Also, if the vehicle was involved in an accident, then the repair process will entail the warp replacement or decal. So, make sure to work with the fleet management firm to discuss the policy regarding temporary or alternative template.

    • Inventory Management


Now optimizing the vehicle inventory is one of the critical tasks and it is even more if the vehicle is branded one. So, you need to anticipate the fluctuating volume needs without incurring any surplus.No doubt, having less branded vehicle in your feet can reduce the value which branding can bring to the organization.


    • Commercial Plating


In most of the states, there are certain restrictions on vehicles which need certain kind of branding and decaling. So, you need to make sure that the fleet management firm has the processes in place so that it can plate all the vehicles present in your fleet. Also, certain jurisdictions have certain kind of restrictions on how commercially or branded plated vehicles can be used.

commercial plating


Many of the branded companies spend a huge amount of dollars for promoting awareness about their services and products.

Plus they lookout for new tactics for broad corporate messages like safety, sustainability, community services, etc. Now your fleet vehicle can be extremely effective and cost-effective for conveying various messages to the public.

So, just think about how branding in terms of fleet graphics & wraps can bring out. It will surely rock and create a brand for your product and services.

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