Learn Business Signage Ideas to Increase Your Retail Store Sales


Every business needs signs. From sharing important information to marketing to branding and more, the average company uses retail signs and banners to make sure that anyone within eye view has what they need to make a purchase, change directions, and much more.

But there is a right and wrong way to look at signs.

While retail business signs are critical to your long term success as a company, it’s also important to make sure that you create the retail signs that will get noticed – the signs that will make sure those consumers are ready to make a purchase.

Here at Brooklyn Signs, we frequently see retail signs from other companies that do not have the factors necessary to improve revenue and generate interest.

It’s one thing to have retail signs. It is quite another to create signs that work.

Critical Elements of Retail Signs and Retail Banners

retail signs and banners states

Before we talk about the benefits of the right retail signs, it’s important to note what really makes a great sign, and what you need to ensure that your business reaps the appropriate benefits:

    • Signs Have to Be Of High Quality


It “should” go without saying that your retail sign design needs to be printed in the highest quality, but many companies worry only about the cost of their retail signs, not the craftsmanship Yet studies have shown that as many as 68% of consumers make a decision as a result of the quality of the sign, not just what it says. Logically, this makes sense – all signs have a branding component, and branding is about creating a positive impression. Poorly made signs don’t provide that.

    • Signs Have to Have a Clear Purpose:

A sign with no purpose is a sign that isn’t providing the right results. An example might be an obscure billboard, or an advertisement for food that people do not like to order, or a sign with small writing and a distracting graphic that doesn’t draw the eye the right way. Your sign needs to have a clear purpose, and be designed for that purpose. With these factors in mind, the right signs have the potential to improve your revenue dramatically Studies have shown that the right types of retail signs can boost revenue by as much as 4.75% by simply adding just one sign on their retail property (provided it meets the above two guidelines). That’s a substantial number for such a small investment, and depending on how you create your retail signs, that number can grow very quickly.

Tips for Creating Retail Signs that Boost Revenue

how retail signs boost revenue

So you know that retail signs have the potential to boost your revenue, and that – even without always realizing it – the right signs can help drive consumer behavior

The question now is how to put all those things together, and that’s a question that is going to depend on what your business sells, and how it sells it.

However, there are many strategies that you can use to make sure that you have what you need to improve sales, create a more effective brand, drive traffic, and so much more.

For Starters

There are certain “must have” retail signs that every business needs. These include:

    • Large Outdoor Retail Signage:

There is simply no way to attract someone to your store, especially in NYC, if you do not have some type of large, visually appealing, high quality display you have options here. You can consider retail hanging signs, channel letters, digital billboard signs, and much more. But some type of large, easy to notice, outdoor retail sign is critical for attracting traffic and assuring your success as a company.

    • Indoor Label/Department/Sectional Signs:

The easier it is for the consumer to find where they want to go, the more likely they will make a purchase. That’s why some type of indoor retail signs are necessary. Clothing stores need to label areas like “Men’s,” “Women’s,” and “Clearance.” Grocery stores need to label “Produce” “Dairy” and “Meat.” These indoor signs improve the customer experience, aid the customer in finding what they need, and give your store more personality and character when you use custom retail signage design.

    • News And Information:

Are you offering a specific type of discount? Do you have a holiday promotion? Are you in the process of clearing out a specific section and want everyone to see it? Do you have a new product that you’re offering? These types of signs are standard place around retail stores, and some of the most important signs that you can have on your property.

As always, these signs need to be created with the same quality and care that customers expect from any and all retail signage, because – as mentioned above – the customer is using what they see in the sign to make a decision on you as a company.

Nevertheless, these signs should be in every establishment if you expect to create sales.

Retail Signs and Retail Banners Infographics

Retail Sign Tips – How to Make Your Sign Work for You

Now that the background is over, what about retail signs that can actually improve revenue further – those NY signs that have the potential to improve sales and drive conversions.

For that, your specific type of retail business will be important, and we at Brooklyn Signs are happy to discuss it with you. But consider the following

What Can Increase Sales Based on Where They Are?

increase sales based on location

We can learn a lot from fast food companies when it comes to retail signs.

Many fast food companies use digital signs to advertise supplementary items to the meal – for example, a special on an ice cream that goes well with the burger they order.

You should ask yourself what type of retail sign will have the greatest benefit in the location that it’s posted, with advertisements placed creatively in the areas that they would have the most benefit.

When Do You Want People to See It?

sign showcase

Few retail stores are open 24 hours a day. But your signs should be effective throughout the morning, noon, and night

Retail establishments open late, for example, will want signs that are able to light up the night – neon signs, Channel Letters, lightbox signs, and more.

Signs that are open early morning may want a larger typeface, to make it easier for people to read with tired eyes.

What is the Most Memorable?

signs for customers to caught their attention

Here’s where some retail signage design ideas come into play. You’ll want to figure out what will be the most memorable choice for that particular area.

As many as 75% of all consumers report that a sign that caught their attention is the reason they chose to make some type of purchase decision.

But with millions of signs throughout NYC and abroad, you have to find a way to make your sign compete.

If you look at major retail outlets, you’ll see examples of how this comes into play.

Some of the world’s leading stores use Window Wraps to turn the front of their building into a giant sign. Or they’ll use a digital display of an attractive woman in sale items to get people excited about shopping the clearance section.

They’ll find ways to make sure that, even though there are other signs out there, their is both noticed and remembered.

Who Are You Trying to Reach?

sign comparison for children's and adults

Children’s toy stores create floor signs that excite the kids that parents bring in.

Adult clothing stores create large clearance section signs in the men’s department because they know that men tend to like to get a good deal

Holiday shoppers are looking for great deals, so retail holiday signs integrate not only the hottest items, but also the best retail sign font for the seasons.

You should always do your best to know your customer. But it is especially important with your sign selection

Think long and hard about who you’re trying to attract, and create a sign that is designed for them.


There are certainly some complexities to finding and creating the ideal forms of signage. But if you find that perfect formula, your signs can see your revenue increase dramatically

Many signs pay for themselves within a few weeks (if not less time, depending on the type of sign), and provide branding and customer satisfaction benefits for years to come.

If you are interested in exploring custom retail signs and are interested in finding out more about what’s available and how to create the best retail sign possible, please Call Brooklyn Signs today. We are more than happy to talk to you about what’s available, and we have trained graphic designers on staff to help you if you don’t have sign artists available.

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