Repair Your Neon Signs – A Complete Guide

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Neon signs are some of the best sign types in New York City. They are bright, vibrant, and noticeable, and even in the City that Never Sleeps, a neon sign that’s customized with your specific logo, design, word, or phrase can still help you get noticed from a great distance away.

But all signs can also suffer from wear and tear over time. Well designed neon signs can last for years with proper maintenance, but it’s still possible for them to break down over time as a result of several issues, including:

    • Light Burned Out


Some parts of the neon sign can burn out over time, just like any light bulb.

    • Section Not Working


In some cases, specific sections of the sign may not be operating.

    • Transformer Broken


The transformers on the neon signs can break or stop working.

Brooklyn Signs offers Sign Repair in NYC for those that have a sign that isn’t operating effectively. But you can also try to repair the sign yourself.

Diagnose the Problem

It starts by diagnosing the problem. Neon signs can struggle with many issues. Flickering neon signs, especially those that go out after they flicker, or those that only partially turn on usually have a broken section. The broken section doesn’t light up when it flickers or when you turn the light on. If the sign doesn’t light up at all, it’s usually a sign that the transformer is broken.

Fixing a Broken Section

Broken sections need to be handled with extreme care, as the signs themselves can be very fragile. Trying to fix a broken section can easily turn into trying to fix the entire sign if you make one wrong move.

Unplug the sign. Gently try to untwist the broken section. If it doesn’t untwist easily, you may need to use a sharp object to cut the section away from the insulation tubing. Pay attention to how you removed the section as you’ll need to reconnect anything you had to disconnect in order to replace the section back on the sign.

Find the right part, or order it from the place you received the sign and reconnect it, carefully. Make sure that it is firmly in place and all of the wires are reconnected. In many ways, you treat the neon sign just as you would a light bulb, except with more wires and tubing.

Fixing a Broken Transformer

If your neon sign transformer is broken, it will need to be replaced. New transformers can cost about $200 on average, but can extend the life of your neon sign dramatically if there are no other problems. Neon sign transformer repair, however, requires a very steady hand and a knowledge of electrical wiring. You can watch this YouTube video on how to replace a broken transformer, or bring it to us and we’ll repair it for you.

Contact Brooklyn Signs Today For Neon Sign Repair

Neon sign repair does require new parts, a very steady hand, and knowledge of wiring and electrical systems. If you have a neon sign that is broken or in need of some type of repair, Contact Brooklyn Signs today. Our team is highly capable of repairing nearly any type of neon sign, and can make sure your sign is up and running in no time.

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