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Learn What Sign Repair Services We Offer You In NYC


Brooklyn Signs is not just a New York sign company. We’re also a sign repair company, located in Brooklyn and capable of repairing, replacing, and maintaining signs all over NYC, and even some parts of New Jersey. Your sign represents your business. When something damages your sign, or it wears down over time, sign repair makes sure that you won’t lose out on potential business, or have a sign that looks unprofessional.

Our NY Sign Repair Services

We’re a full-service sign company, which means that there are very few sign repair services that we do not offer. Yet some of our most common requests include:

One of the most common sign repair requests we receive is to come and repair a missing or broken channel letter. There is nothing quite as challenging to the success of your business as when one of the letters that make up a company name isn’t working property.

People are less likely to think positively of a “STARBUCKS” or a “MCDONALDS” when a letter is missing. Brooklyn Signs is happy to repair any type of letter or replace the letter in the same font and style if necessary.

  • Neon Sign Repair

Neon signs do not last forever. Brooklyn Signs is a local expert in neon sign repair. Whether you purchased your neon sign from us directly or you need us to come to your property and fix a neon sign purchased elsewhere, our team has the tools, experience, and affordable pricing necessary to make sure that your neon signs are repaired in full.

  • Classic Sign Restoration

While we repair nearly any type of sign, one of our many specialties is restoration. We’ve worked with many of the most well-known businesses across New York, including Nathan’s Famous and Paul’s Daughter – two Coney Island staples that have become extremely well recognized by their signage. Our team is capable of restoring nearly any type of sign in full and making sure that your company’s signs look their absolute best.

Get Your Sign Repair Services from Brooklyn Signs Today

Based in Brooklyn, Brooklyn Signs is happy to travel to nearly any nearby location and assist you with your sign repair, replacement, and maintenance needs. If you have a sign that needs assistance, contact us today, and let our team of sign repair experts help you make sure all of your signs are fully operational and look their best on display.

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