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Savvy business owners know that it’s important to take advantage of any opportunity to market and brand your business. This is especially true of new businesses that do not have the name recognition or high investment dollars of their larger competitors.

For these businesses, it’s important to take advantage of any opportunity to get your name out there. That’s why marketing using your car is so valuable. Cars represent unused marketing real estate – huge canvases that generally go undecorated, but could be a way to brand any type of business.

Brand Your Vehicle with Car Magnets

Brooklyn Signs creates a variety of custom magnetic signs that go perfectly on most car vehicles. Magnetic signs for cares can be easily crafted to brightly display your logo, business information, contact information, and more, in a way that allows you to turn your car into a rolling, mobile advertisement, all without any more money out of pocket. Benefits of using these types of car magnet signs include:

    • Professional for Commuting 

When you travel to meet with a client, rolling up in a branded vehicle builds trust. They know that the person parking in front of them works for that business, and that they are confident enough with what they do to be held accountable for their work. It is especially useful for home services and deliveries, as it ensures that you look like a business when you arrive at their door, not just a car.

    • Removable for Personal Cars 

Many people use their personal car for work. When you’re working (or as you commute during the day), you’re surrounded by potential clients, and you want to make sure you brand your business as well as you can. But when you’re out enjoying your nightlife, you likely do not want your car associated with the business. You can remove it as needed, and drive your car with more privacy.

    • Easily Moved to Other Cars 

Those that contract out work or use multiple vehicles can also move the magnetic sign as often as necessary. Magnetic signs are commonly used with subcontractors that work with multiple companies, as a way of making them look much more like official employees.

    • Affordable and Easy to Replace 

There are other ways to advertise on your car, such as with a vehicle wrap. Vehicle wraps are an outstanding way to decorate a car with your brand and information, but they tend to be more costly and easier to damage than car magnets, which makes them not ideal for every business.

Other methods of advertising your business, like Car wraps, are all still highly effective. But there is something to be said about the value of the car magnet, and the many benefits that come from using this type of marketing strategy.

If you’d like Brooklyn Signs to get started on your car magnet, contact us today at 718-252-7575. Local pickup in New York City and shipping options are available.

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